1200 Migrant workers arrested After Riots Due to Mruder of Ethnic Russian in Moscow

Ситуация после беспорядков в Западном БирюлевоJNN 15 Oct 2013 Moscow : Moscow authorities have closed a vegetable warehouse and detained 1,200 people after a violent Sunday protest in Moscow’s residential area of Biryulyovo, where a young Russian was allegedly stabbed to death by a migrant last week. Continue reading

Iran is world’s 14th leading electricity Producer & Exporter

Iran an Electricity ExporterJNN 18 Dec 2012 TEHRAN – Iran is the world’s 14th leading electricity producer, Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Mohammad Behzad said on Monday, citing the latest statistics released by the International Energy Agency.  Continue reading

Azeri police detain dozens of Peaceful Anti-Govt. Demonstrators

Azerbaijan Police Detains Dozens of Musavat Party ActivistJNN 11 Dec 2012 BAKU – Police in Azerbaijan detained around 30 activists on Monday who rallied in Baku to demand President Ilham Aliyev’s resignation, the latest in a string of protests opposition groups hope will ratchet up pressure on the government , trying to stage a peaceful demonstration against the government of President Elham Aliyev in the capital Baku. Continue reading

Ahlul Bayt World Assembly Will Write a Letter to Azerbaijan President to Solve Shia Problems

JNN 03 Jan 2011 : In a meeting with the head of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly and delegation of Azeri Shias, the difficulties and problems of Ahlul Bayt followers in Azerbaijan have been considered.

In the meeting the ex leader of Azeri Islamic Community “Haj Ali Ikram Aliuf” presented a reports of the situation of the oppressed Shias and their bravely resistance on the ban of Hijab in universities.

The delegation severely condemned the Azeri government and said: the government illegally banned the Hijab in universities without parliament permission just because of testing the community’s tolerance against anti-religious activities.

“The people of Azerbaijan never give up their religion – especially zealous woman – and will strongly resist against anti-religious and Islamphobia.”  the delegation affirmed.
The head of Ahlul bayt World Assembly said: No power in the world can eliminate Islam and Ahl ul Bayt, because Islam is in the soul of mankind.

“Shias during the Period of Communist, difficulty protected their faith and now they should be in welfare and freedom to do their rituals.”  Akhtari said.

At the end Akhtari stressed that in near future Ahlul Bayt World Assembly  would write a letter to the Azerbaijan president “Elham Aliuf” and will explain him the most important problems of Shia Muslism.