Biased LEA’s High Headedness around 150 Relative and friends of 8 Shia Martyrs arrested from Bhakkar , MWM organizing Protest Sit Ins Across Pakistan

Pakistani Police high headednessJNN 27 Aug 2013 BHAKKAR: The Biased Punjab police on Sunday night launched a search operation in the troubled areas of Bhakkar city and arrested a large number of Shia Men from their Houses and who were taken to unknown Places and whose where abouts were not disclosed. Continue reading

9 Shia Men Martyred , atleast 15 injured in a attack on Shia Neighborhood by SSP Terrorist in Kotla Jaam , Pakistan

Kotla Jaam area Shia Neighborhood attack the Terrorist of SSPJNN 24 Aug 2013 Bhakkar : Atleast 9 Shia Men were Martyred by the UnProvoked attack and firing of the SSP Rally on the Shia Neighbor Hood of Kotla Jam area of Punjab Province of Pakistan , and about 15 men were injured by the Unprovoked firing of the SSP terrorists. Continue reading

Chief of Matami Organisation Martyred by Punjabi Taliban Terrorists Near Bhakkar , Pakistan

JNN 24 June 2011 Bhakkar : In the ongoing Target Killing of Shia Men all over  Pakistan , S.Zameer ul Hassan , 32  was Martyred in the early hours of 23 June, by the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Punjab, at Thalla Latianwala , Bhakkar, Darya Khan , Punjab, Pakistan. Continue reading