Tunisia Back to the Revolution , as another Opposition Leader Shot Dead

Tunisian Oppostion Leader Brahmi KilledJNN 26 July 2013 Tunis : Tunisian opposition member Mohamed Brahmi was shot dead in the capital Tunis on Thursday, six months after the murder of another secular leader sparked a national crisis. Thousands of secularists have poured on to the streets in protest. Continue reading

Within 24 Hrs Shia Target Killing claimed 6 Lives in Karachi by the Terrorist of SSP

Shaheed Ali Haider , Ali Husnain , Ali Daad , Abdul Rasheed , Dr. Hadi , Hashim HussainJNN 2 Mar 2013 KARACHI,: The Target Killing of Shia Men have taken a sharp rise as 6 Shia men have been Martyred in different terrorist activities within 24 Hours including three activists of the Majlis Wahdat-i-Muslimeen and three other Shia Men were martyred By the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , all of the 6 were Martyred in Karachi only. Continue reading

Pakistani Shia Community Celebrated Valentine Day in GraveYards , Shia Target Killing Accelerated

Shuhuda 1 Feb - 15 Feb 2013JNN 15 Feb 2013 Karachi : The Month of February witnessed unexpected increase in the Shia Target Killing  ,as the target Killing of Shia men has accelerated , 15 Shia Men were Martyred in the First 15 Days of this February, due to which the Shia community is celebrating the Valentine Day in the Graveyards to show their love for their loved Ones. Continue reading

3 Generations of a Shia family targeted, Father & Son Martyred , Grand Son critically injured by the firing of Terrorist of SSP

JNN 05 Sept 2012 Karachi : As  Karachite’s were running to safe themselves from the Heavy rains , A Shia Family Once again become the victim of  target Killing  by the Terrorist of SSP , in which Mukhtar Aazmi s/o Ghulam Hussain , 74 and His Son Baqar Aazmi , 45 embraced Martydom , while the Grand Son Muhammad Ali s/o Ahmed Ali , was critically injured due to the bullet wounds. Continue reading

Several Shia Protesters Injured by Saudi Forces shootout in Brutal crackdown in Qatif

JNN 29 July 2012 Riyadh : Saudi security forces opened fire on Shia protesters in the tense Qatif district of Eastern Province on Friday, wounding several as hundreds marched to demand the release of detainees, witnesses said. Continue reading

Another Shia Pesh Imam Martyred By the Sectarian Target Killing of SSP Terrorists

JNN 19 June 2012 Karachi : Today In the Limits of Nazimabad P.S,  the Pesh Imam (Prayer Leader ) of Masjid e Noor e Eman , Maulana Ghulam Mohammad Ameeni s/o Sheikh Mohd. Ali, 58 , was targeted & Martyred by the terrorist of Munafiqeen Group Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , on Monday Night , when he left the Mosque after Leading the Maghribain Prayers , at around 9.00p.m , Just near the lane end of the Mosque. Continue reading

3 Shia Men embraced Martyrdom in the ongoing Target Killing of SSP in Karachi

JNN  01 May 2012 Karachi : The Target Killing menace has claimed three more Lives of Shia Men in the broad day light on Monday as namely Nasir Ali,  28, S. Ahsan Abbas Naqvi s/o Zaigham Abbas , 55, and Zia Mehdi s/o Naseem Ul Hassan , 23 in the limit of Karachi City. Continue reading

6 Shia Men Martyred 3 injured by the Target Killing of LeJ in Quetta

JNN 10 April , 2012 QUETTA: Six Shia Hazara Men were Martyred  and three others wounded when Armed Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi came on two motorbikes and opened fire at a shoe shop on Prince Road in Quetta on Monday night.  Continue reading

JAP Activist and his Son Targeted , Son embraced Martyrdom ,while father injured by the terrorists of SSP

JNN 16 Mar 2012 Karachi : In the late hours of 15th Mar 2012 at around 11.45p.m, A Young Shia Man S.Akmal Mohsin Rizvi S/o Mohsin Rizvi,18  and His Father , Mohsin Rizvi , who is a office Bearer of  Jaferia Alliance Pakistan  were Targeted and shot at Patel Para , Near Lasbella Bridge, Karachi. Due to which  Akmal embraced Martyrdom, while Mohsin is in ICU, and is being treated for his bullet wounds , and is now in stable condition , out of danger, and in the recovery process. Continue reading

6 embraced Martyrdom in the escalated Shia Target Killing; 3 in Karachi 3 in Quetta, Pakistan

JNN 25 Jan 2012 Karachi : In a gruesome act of terrorism 3 Lawyer of Karachi belonging to the same family , Namely , S.Badar Jafri , 60, S.Kafeel .Jafri, 32, and S.Shakeel Jafri s/o S.Badar Jafri, 33 embraced Martrydom in the Limits of Pakistan Chowk , Distt South , Karachi , Near the City Court of Karachi , by the firing of Target Killers of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan and Lashkar e Jhangvi ,while another Shia Man Badar Jafri was critically injured in the same Incident. While in another Act of Target Killing 3 Shia Men , Vilayat Hussain , Babar Ali  and Mohd. Anwar embraced Martyrdom by the firing of target Killing Wing of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi on the Dr Noor Yaseen Lane of Mekaniki Road, Quetta. Continue reading

Shia Target Killing claims life of two more men in Karachi & Quetta

JNN 19 Jan 2012 Karachi : Another case of Target Killing is reported in the Metropolis of Karachi , in which Shia Police Officer of CID ,S. Asghar Karrar. Rizvi was targeted by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in the Limits of Orangi Town  NO. 10, in which he embraced Martyrdom , while his two Minor Kids , were reported Injured . While another Shia Man Ahmed Nisar s/o Sardar Muhammad embraced Martydom on Saryab Road , Quetta , by the firing of Lashkar e Jhangvi. Continue reading