Nearly all Mosques Destroyed by Christian terrorists in CAR

Mosques destroyed by Christian terrorists in CARJNN 22 Mar 2015 Bangui : Almost all of the 436 mosques in the Central African Republic (CAR) have been destroyed by months of deadly sectarian violence. Continue reading

CAR President Appoints First Muslim PM , To Overcome the Sectarian Violence

CAR  first Muslim PM, Mahamat Kamoun,JNN 15 Aug 2014 Amid ongoing efforts to end the months-long sectarian violence in Central African Republic, a Muslim has been appointed as a Prime Minister for the first time since CAR’s independence from France in 1960 as a first step towards forming a more inclusive government. Continue reading

The last Muslim left in Mbaiki – CAR killed by radical Christian mob

Last Muslim of CAR’s Mbaiki killed by radical mobsJNN 05 Mar 2014 Bangui : The last Muslim in the Central African Republic town of Mbaiki was killed by radical Christians who have been attacking, killing and mutilating Muslims in the town everywhere they find them. Continue reading

Christians Militias Looting Mosques and Killing Muslims in CAR

Central African RepublicJNN 16 Feb 2014 Bangui : Moving from area to another, Christian mobs have been targeting Muslim places of worship in central Africa, killing Muslims and looting their belongings, as violence rocked the restive country. Continue reading