Nearly all Mosques Destroyed by Christian terrorists in CAR

Mosques destroyed by Christian terrorists in CARJNN 22 Mar 2015 Bangui : Almost all of the 436 mosques in the Central African Republic (CAR) have been destroyed by months of deadly sectarian violence. Continue reading

Besieged Muslims face murder, starvation in C. African Republic town

General Mohamed Dhaffane, Interim President of the Ex-Seleka coalition talks to Seleka fighters in the town of BriaJNN 22 April 2014 Bangui : In normal times, the rickety wooden bridges at each end of the red-dirt main street in Boda were gateways to shops and a bustling market in the diamond-mining town in western Central African Republic. Continue reading

Christians Militias Looting Mosques and Killing Muslims in CAR

Central African RepublicJNN 16 Feb 2014 Bangui : Moving from area to another, Christian mobs have been targeting Muslim places of worship in central Africa, killing Muslims and looting their belongings, as violence rocked the restive country. Continue reading

Central African Christians torch mosque to take revenge from Muslims

Christian Mobs Burned Down a Mosque in Central African RepublicJNN 21 Dec 2013 Bangui : A handful of residents of Fouh, a Christian-majority neighborhood in Bangui, the war-ravaged capital of the Central African Republic (CAR), admitted to torching a local mosque to avenge recent attacks blamed on Muslim Seleka rebels. Continue reading

Muslim women, children killed by Christian terrorists in C.Africa

Young Muslim boy injured by a Christian Vigilante in Central Africa bJNN 08 Dec 2013 Bangui (Central African Republic) – Christian Vigilantes hacked 12 civilians to death north of Bangui as communal tensions rose ahead of a UN vote authorising force to stop the Central African Republic’s descent into chaos. Continue reading

African Economic Boom , when the Major Western Economies of the World are at Collapse

African Economic Growth Booming 2013 - 14JNN 30 May 2013 Brussels : The following article is beign written by Shantayanan Devarajan who is chief economist of the World Bank’s Africa region. Wolfgang Fengler is the World Bank’s lead economist for Eritrea, Kenya, and Rwanda, which tells the Future of the World when the European and US Economies are on the fall at the same time African Economies are rising and shows a positive trend . And with these Positive trends we can surely can Plan for our future generations to come , and can at the same time know that why uncertainty is and instability is being infested by the World leading Economies , as they are afraid that if these Nation will become self sufficient then it will be impossible for them to Rule and Govern these areas. Continue reading