Bickering Petro Dollar Set Backs Saudi Economy as Russia becomes the Lead Oil Exporter to China with Yuan Rubble Swap Deal

Russia China Oil Export DealJNN 06 Feb 2016 Moscow : Moscow is gaining momentum as the biggest seller of crude oil to China, with Russian crude supplies overtaking those from Saudi Arabia. Continue reading

China to set up Its First Overseas Naval Facility in Djibouti next to US Airbase

Chinese Naval Base in Dijobiti , AfricaJNN 09 Dec 2015 BEIJING — China announced that it would establish its first overseas military outpost and unveiled a sweeping plan to reorganize its military into a more agile force capable of projecting power abroad. The future Chinese installation will be near a US airbase reportedly used for the Pentagon’s drone operations. Continue reading

Russia, China agree to Integrate Eurasian Union, Silk Road

Russia - China integtate on Eurasian MarketJNN 10 May 2015 Moscow : Russia and China have signed a number of energy, trade and finance deals on Friday aimed at strengthening economic ties. The two countries have multiple mutual projects which “achieved a unity of views on a wide range of issues.” Continue reading

7.9 Scale EarthQuake Devastates Nepal , India , Tibet , More than 2000 Dead

7.9 Richter Scale Earthquake in Khatmandu , NepalJNN 27 Apr 2015 Kathmandu : Rescue crews and residents in Nepal early Sunday began the desperate search for survivors after a magnitude-7.8 quake near the capital of Kathmandu a day earlier flattened homes, buildings and temples, causing widespread damage across the region and killing more than 1,800 people. Continue reading

49 Corruption Suspects brought Back to China from 17 countries, including US, UK and Canada.

China Repatriate Corrupt Official from 17 CountriesJNN 19 Jan 2015 BEIJING – A total of 49 fugitive suspects of corruption and other duty-related crimes were returned to China from overseas by prosecutors nationwide in 2014, an official of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) said Monday. Continue reading

McDonald Using Sub Standard Meat in Pakistan , China and Japan

McDonald Using Sub Standard Meat in PakistanJNN 07 Jan 2015 LAHORE: A PML-N Punjab Assembly member has revealed that a multinational food chain, McDonalds, imported 71 tonnes of substandard meat into Pakistan and some multinational companies earned $230 million in the country and sent it abroad. Continue reading

7th Century Chinese Mosque Revealed , A Mix of Chinese and Arabic Architecture

7th Century Chinese Huaisheng MosqueJNN 11 Nov 2014 Beijing : Whenever one goes to mosques around the world, one expects to see Islamic architectural designs containing minarets with geometrical sequences and a dash of Arabic calligraphy, whether it be in Andalusia Spain, Turkey, or even the outskirts of Africa.

However, in China this is not necessarily the case. We do see traces of Arabic calligraphy yet coupled with Chinese calligraphy a sight of two blended forms of art never thought to be seen. The blend between two cultures does not just stop there, but rather, it is further shown in the infrastructure, where instead of the typical Islamic geometrical minarets, there are tilted tiled roofs that are complementary to the Chinese traditional styled temples that are famously seen in martial arts movies.

The sight not only leaves Muslim tourists awe-struck but rather local non-Muslim inhabitants, as the blend of Arabic calligraphy and designs is something new to them where their land of familiarity becomes a land of ambiguity due to how there is no clear cut answer over which culture is more defined—the one of the Arabs or the Chinese.
The Merge of two artistic cultures

Islam was introduced to China during the 7th century, through some of the companions of the prophet. It was reported that Sa’ad ibn Aby Waqqas, one of the ptophet’s companions was one of the first Muslims to set foot in China in the 630s where he and other Muslims built a mosque in the outskirts of Guangzhou that is known as Huiasheng Mosque.

The mosque was established to commemorate Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Thus, it was given the name, Huaisheng, which means, “remember the sage.”
The mosque has however also been known as the “light tower mosque,” due to the 1300-year old minaret, which was used as a beacon for boats on the Zhujiang river.

It is said that whenever the sailors would see the tower, they would know that they arrived at the “silk road,” which was a place for trade. The tower was also used as a call to prayer, and a means to check the weather conditions.

There have been reports that the mosque was rebuilt twice. The first time in 1350, during the Yuan dynasty, and, the second time in 1965 under the Qing dynasty, after being destroyed in a fire. The 1300 year old minaret was however left the same ever since first built, which has been used to symbolize how Islam was present in China long enough to be considered part of both Islamic and Chinese history.

Characteristics of the mosque

Huaisheng mosque’s Chinese architectural style that complements the Arabic-minaret-mosque-featured style is most specifically from the Tang dynasty. The blend of both Arabic culture and Chinese culture gives the mosque a unique taste, which makes it attractive for both tourists and local inhabitants.

The mosque’s gateway tower has the inscription of Chinese calligraphy that reads, “Religion that holds in great esteem the teachings brought from the Western region.” The Western region in this context means Saudi Arabia—the place where prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) came from—due to the direction of Saudi Arabia being towards China’s West.

The roof of the corridors has Arabic calligraphy containing Qur’anic verses and the Kalimah, which further shows the merge of both Arabian and Chinese culture within the mosque’s infrastructure.

The red-brick gate mosque has 6 important components, one being the light tower, prayer hall, the ablution area, corridors, storehouse of Islamic scriptures, and the stone steles pavilion, which contains manuscripts and calligraphy. All of the corridors and infrastructure consists of a green-sculpted and titled roof, which is both customary and complementary to the Chinese architecture style.

Huaisheng Mosque Today

The mosque was of great benefit for Muslims and sailors in the past that it brings the question of its use today.

There has been the rise of business from traders across the globe that go to Guangzhou via the seaport as it’s near the international financial hub Hong Kong. This has thus brought forth a lot of Muslims from different cultures that take the time to pray in the blessed mosque whenever taking business breaks during the day. Muslims of different races can also be seen in the differed array of cultured food stands that are placed outside.

The streets near the mosque and the mosque itself are usually crowded on Fridays because hundreds of Muslims pray Jumm’ah and later spend time doing Dhikir in circles or who share food from different stalls from across the streets.

This has interested the local non-Muslim inhabitants to be part of the integrated environment where some come to the mosque out of curiosity. Moreover, local Muslim inhabitants and Muslim business tourists usually go to the mosque to either pray or take a break during the day, while attempting to understand the foreign language from the West so that they both could understand the words of Allah and combine two cultured forms of art.

A form of practice that has been followed like generations before them, where some of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) came to trade, only to introduce to the local inhabitants an esteemed religion from the West that was to them once unknown.

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China Pledges $40bn for Reviving the Historic Silk Route to Promote Trade in the Region

China approves $40B for New Silk RouteJNN 08 Nov 2014 Beijing : Beijing says it will spend $40 billion to revive the historic Silk Road and connect China with Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe – but this time, China will be the global power flexing its economic muscles. Continue reading

Chinese Court Upholds Business Tycoon’s Death Sentence, No Clemency for any Criminal who so ever

Chinese Business tycoon Sentence to Death. aJNN 10 Aug 2014 XIANNING, Hubei — A court in central China’s Hubei Province on Thursday rejected the appeal of former Business tycoon in the Mining Industry Liu Han, who was sentenced to death in May. Continue reading

China Concerned about Wahabi Chinese involved in Terrorist Activities in Iraq

Shi'ite volunteers patrol the area as they secure it against the predominantly Sunni militants from the Islamic State in the desert region between Kerbala and NajafJNN 05 Aug 2014 Beijing : Wahabi extremists from China’s far western region of Xinjiang have gone to the Middle East for training and some may have crossed into Iraq to participate in the upsurge of violence there, China’s special envoy for the Middle East said on Monday. 
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China Cleansing the Silk route , 13 Wahabi Terrorists Killed in an Attack on a Police office in Xinjiang

Chinese Police Gaurd against Wahabi terroristsJNN 23 June 2014 Xinjiang : Police in China’s western Xinjiang region shot dead 13 Wahabi Terrorists who drove one or more vehicles into a police office building and set off explosives in an attack Saturday that injured three police officers, the news website for the regional government said. Continue reading

China asks Banks to remove IBM servers over espionage concerns

Chinese banks to remove US-made servers over espionageJNN 29 May 2014 Beijing : China is calling on banks to stop using IBM servers and replace them with local-made machines amid fears that the nation’s financial security might be compromised via the US-based company’s servers, a Bloomberg report has revealed. Continue reading

China Signs 30-year Deal for Russian Natural Gas , worth US$400 Billion

China Russia Sign Natural Gas Deal , Worth US$400 BillionJNN 23 May 2014 SHANGHAI — China signed a landmark $400 billion deal Wednesday to buy natural gas from Russia, binding Moscow more closely to Beijing at a time when President Vladimir Putin’s relations with the West have deteriorated to the lowest point ever. Continue reading

Taiwanese Protesters occupy Parliament over China trade pact

Taiwanese Protesters occupy ParliamentJNN 22 Mar 2014 Taipei — Around 200 Taiwanese students and activists were locked in a tense standoff with police Wednesday after they stormed the parliament in a bid to thwart government efforts to ratify a contentious trade agreement with China. Continue reading

33 dead and 143 wounded after attack by Knife Wielding Gang on a train station in China

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Pakistani Foreign Policy Needs Correction by Brave Patriotic Pakistanis

Patriotic Pakistanis to Lead the NationJNN 13 Dec 2013 Islamabad : Here are few of the highlights of Pakistan’s involvement in the US led war on terror that has dragged on for more than 12 years: Over 50,000 deaths, $80+ billion in losses, growing insecurity and mounting fear among its citizens. Continue reading

Yuan acheives the Position of the 2nd most Popular Trade Finance Currency

Yuan acheiving HeightsJNN 10 Dec 2013 Brussels : The yuan has replaced the euro to become the second most widely used currency in global trade in 2013, according to the SWIFT network responsible for international financial transactions. Continue reading

1 Dead, 8 injured in blasts outside ruling Communist Party HQ in Taiyuan, China

Blasts hit provincial HQ of China communist party; 1 killed, 8 injuredJNN 10 Nov 2013 BEIJING — A series of small explosions killed one person and injured eight others Wednesday outside the provincial headquarters of the ruling Communist Party in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan, officials said. Continue reading

US Default Once Again Delayed , While Chinese Yuan Ready to void the US$

US Debt DefaultJNN 18 Oct 2013 Washingoton: President Obama and Congress have signed off on extending the debt ceiling through to February. The new legislation only temporarily solves the US budget dispute, begging the question if America will ever limit its borrowing. Continue reading

US Dollar Dominance days are over , The Default Currency of the World Could not save its Debt Default

US Govt Major Creditors 2010JNN 15 Oct 2013 New York : A US debt default could hit on Thursday, and world leaders are second guessing the dominant role America plays in finance. Regardless of the final decision in Washington, confidence and credibility in the US has already eroded. Continue reading

‘Killer hornets Swarm’ kill 42 People in China

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27 Killed in Riots and Violence in the Muslim Minority Province of China

Riots in Xinjiang Province of China ,JNN 29 June 2013 BEIJING — Twenty-seven people were killed in riots early Wednesday in northwest China between Uighur Muslims and Han Chinese , state-run media reported, the deadliest outbreak of violence in the restive region in years. Continue reading

Chinese Yuan taking Over , as the Dollar Dies Slowly and Gradually

US dollar vs China yuanJNN 31 May 2013 New York : Though the US dollar continues to reign as the foreign reserve currency of choice, a new International Monetary Fund analysis shows that the currency has slumped to a 15-year low, heightening concerns that it may lose that status. Continue reading

Earthquake in China claims 203 lives, with over 11,500 injured

6.6 Magnitude Earthquake In Sichuan , China aJNN 21 Apr 2013 SHANGHAI : A magnitude 6.6 earthquake in southwestern China has left 203 dead and over 11,500 people injured. The Chinese army has stepped in to deal with the debris of collapsed houses and public building as death toll continues to rise. Continue reading

IP Gas Pipe Line and Gwadar Port , The Key to Bright Future of Pakistan

Pakistan's Bright Future IP Gas Pipeline & Gwadar PortJNN 10 Mar 2013 Karachi : The Gwadar Port which was built in collaboration with Chinese Government , and was the Neccessity for China and Whole of the Region , and Basically for the Central Asian Republics as that is the Only viable and feasible route for the export of the Caspian Sea Oil Reserves to the Rest of the World , and it is these reserve that to tap these reserve the US and the Allied forces have invaded Afghanistan and have staged the Drama of 9/11 , at the Cost of Killing about 4000 American Citizens . Continue reading

Chinese Intelligence supersedes against US in Cyberwar

Chinese Military Cyber war Unit 61398' in ShanghaiJNN 22 Feb 2013 WASHINGTON : US Internet security experts believe “almost all” powerful institutions in the nation’s capital of Washington have been penetrated by Chinese “cyber-spies” despite persistent denials by China about such activity. Continue reading

Control of Pakistani Gwadar Port to China is in the Best Interest of Both the Nations

Gwadar PortJNN 02 Feb 2013 KARACHI— China is poised to take over operational control of a strategic deep-water Pakistani seaport that could serve as a vital economic hub for Beijing and perhaps a key military outpost, according to officials. Continue reading

China reaffirms Ayatollah Khamenei’s fatwa (Religious decree) against nuclear weapons

Chian's spokes Person for Ministry of Foreign AffairsJNN 17 Jan 2013 Beijing : China voices support for Iran’s reaffirmation of the fatwa (religious decree) issued by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on the prohibition of nuclear weapons and its registration as an international document. Continue reading

US Refused , while Chinese and Pakistani Scientist Getting Ahead in Drone Technology

JNN 21 Nov 2012 Islamabad : Pakistan is secretly racing to develop its own armed drones, frustrated with U.S. refusals to provide the aircraft, but is struggling in its initial tests with a lack of precision munitions and advanced targeting technology. Continue reading