5 Shia Men Martyred in an Attack on a Hussainiya ( Imambargah ) By an IS Terrorist in Qatif , Saudi Arabia

Injured Shia Men @ Haideria Hussainia , Qatif, Saudi ArabiaJNN 17 Oct 2015 Riyadh : An Islamic State Terrorists has shot Martyred five Shia Men at a Muharram gathering in eastern Province of Saudi Arabia before police shot him dead. Continue reading

5 Shia Man Martyred by Suspected IS Terrorists During Ashura Commemoration in Saudi Arabia

Firing at Hussainiyah During Ashura Commemoration Saudi Arabia 6JNN 05 Nov 2014 Riyadh : Masked Terrorists Martyred five Shia Man at the Ashura commemoration in the Shia Majority Eastern Province , Al Hasa of Saudi Arabia , police said Tuesday, in an unprecedented attack highlighting sectarian tensions in the Wahabi-dominated Saud Dynasty .
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Saudi Court sentences two Shia activists to Death

Saudi Shia Protester Sentence to DeathJNN 30 May 2014 Riyadh : A Saudi court on Monday sentenced the 2nd Shia Man to death the son of a senior Muslim cleric after he was convicted of shooting at security forces during anti-regime protests in the kingdom’s Eastern Province, local media said, in the first such ruling in three years. Continue reading

Saudi Monarchy Planning to execute the Jailed Top Shia Cleric in the coming Days

Saudi Protesters Demand Release of Shia Cleric Nemr Al NemirJNN 11 Nov 2013 TEHRAN – The Saudi authorities are planning to execute prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in the coming days, a group calling itself the Al-Qatif News Network said on its Arabic webpage on Facebook.  Continue reading

Causes and Remedies to Boiling Saudi Revolution

Shia Uprising in Saudi ArabiaJNN 19 June 2013 Riyadh : The eastern region of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a deadly cycle of demonstrations, shootings, and detentions for more than two years. While Shia in the east share grievances with the rest of the country, simmering discontent is aggravated by a history of regime discrimination and provincial neglect. To stabilize the region, the regime must address the roots of dissent at both the local and the national levels. Continue reading

Saudi forces Arrests another Shia Cleric on charges of Espionage , while the Shia Arabian Women Held a Massive Demonstration in the Shiite Majority area

Saudi Shia Women ProtestersJNN 27 May 2013 Riyadh : Saudi security forces have arrested another Shia cleric Sheikh Hassan al-Ziyad in the country on charges of espionage for Iran. While Shia Women also Held a Massive Demonstration in the Eastern Oil Rich Province of Qateef, for the release of all Political Prisoners and in Solidarity with the Bahraini Shia Population ,who are suppressed by the Al Khalifa Regime. Continue reading

Arabian Shiite Warns the Saudi Govt against Prosecutor’s demand of Death Penalty to the Shia Cleric

Protest for the Release of Saudi Shia Cleric Nemr Al NemrJNN 30 Mar 2013 Riyadh : A Saudi prosecutor has demanded the death penalty for prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, while the Shiite’s of Arabia have warned the Saudi Government of the dire consequences , against the move for the demand of Death Penalty to the Cleric , who was arrested last year over calls for the release of political prisoners. Continue reading

Arabian Shia’s Stages Massive Show of Strength in a Demo against Al Saud’s illegal Detentions of thousands of Shias

Arabian Shia Massive Demo against Al SaudJNN 23 Feb 2013 Riyadh : People have once again taken to streets in a Massive show of Strength in the eastern Province of Qatif , Saudi Arabia to protest against the detention of protesters. Continue reading

2 Arabian Shia Protesters Martyred by the Saudi Security Forces in Qatif

JNN 30 Sept 2012 Riyadh : Saudi security forces have shot dead two a Shia Men , a teenager and an activist as they attacked a group of peaceful pro-democracy protesters in the city of Qatif in the Eastern Province. Continue reading

Arabian Shia hold anti Ale Saud Rally in the Shia Majority Oil Rich Eastern Province of Qatif

JNN 10 May 2012 Riyadh : Saudi Arabia’s Eastern province has been hit by yet another anti-government protest rally in which demonstrators have condemned the long-time rule of Al Saud for its suppression of protests. Continue reading

Saudi Arabia’s repression against its citizens and Sectarianism will change the Shape of the Region in Near Future

JNN 10 Mar 2010 : At least seven young Shiite Muslims have been shot martyred and several dozen wounded by security forces in Eastern Saudi Arabia in recent months. While details of the shootings remain unclear, and the ministry of interior claims those shot were attacking the security forces, mass protests have followed the funerals of the deceased. Continue reading