A Huge Explosion and fire destroys two Buildings in NY

NY Building Collapsed due to Gas Explosion 12 Mar 2014JNN 14 Mar 2014 New York : A gas leak triggered an earthshaking explosion that flattened two apartment buildings on Wednesday, killing at least six people and injuring more than 60. A tenant said residents had complained repeatedly in recent weeks about “unbearable” gas smells. Continue reading

Atleast 40 Killed in a Weapons Depot Blast of Syrian Forces

Bashar ul Asad with Syrian Soldiers near Syeda Sakina ShrineJNN 03 Aug 2013 Damascus : Rocket attacks struck government-held districts in the central Syrian city of Homs on Thursday, setting off successive explosions in a weapons depot that killed at least 40 people and wounded dozens, an opposition group and residents said. Continue reading

Another bomb rocks Greek capital


JNN 31 Dec 2010 Athens : Greek police say a powerful blast outside a closed nightclub in Athens is the second attack in the past two days linked to criminal extortion groups.

The blast, which caused no injuries, occurred before 4 a.m. Friday near Athens City Center.

The explosion was so huge that it was heard across southern Athens and severely damaged the club’s frontage, AP reported.

Police say extortionists, who have carried out several similar attacks in recent years, are responsible for the attack.

On Thursday morning, another bomb exploded outside a court in Athens City Center after an anonymous phone threat gave police the chance to evacuate the area.

The blast, which occurred 40 minutes after a warning to a newspaper and private TV station, gave authorities time to evacuate nearby buildings.

According to reports, the explosive device had been placed on a motorbike in front of the building.

The blast damaged two administrative court buildings in central Athens, shattered windows and damaged cars and sent up a cloud of smoke that was visible across the city.