Gold Prices Sliding Down Back to its Origin , As the Western Economies Slide Down

Gold Prices Slide Further DownJNN 26 Dec 2013 CHICAGO – Gold futures on the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange Monday fell below 1,200 dollars per ounce on upbeat economic data. Continue reading

Rome Once again falling Down – US Federal Government Shutdown an Indicator for Dependents Economies

US Federal Govt. Shutdown No FundsJNN 3 Oct 2013 WASHINGTON  — The ongoing partial federal government shutdown and fiscal uncertainties are dampening American economic recovery, and a default on U.S. debt payments would have “immediate and substantial” negative effects on the country’s economy that would be difficult to quickly reverse, said David Stockton, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE). Continue reading

Indian Airline to Hire Slim female Cabin Crew instead of Heavy Men to save on fuel costs

Indian Go Air Female Cabin CrewJNN 05 July 2013 Delhi : Indian low-Budget airline “ GoAir ” has calculated it could save more than $500,000 a year by hiring a female-only cabin crew, as women are on average 20kg lighter than men. Continue reading

World has lost its confidence in Dollar , Now the US Citizens even wants Gold as Legal tender

US States opting for  Gold CoinsJNN 09 Apr 2013 Arizona :  Now Not Only the World Wise Men are Parting their ways from depleting paper dollar, But even the US Citizen has also Lost their confidence in the Paper Dollar , as now they also think that it ll be Worthless in near future ? Some lawmakers in Arizona think so, and are hoping that gold and silver will soon be counted as legal tender. Continue reading

US Recession & High Cost of Professional Education Pushes the Student Loan Debt about US$1Trillion

US High cost of Higher EducaitonJNN 02 Mar 2013 New York : The New York Federal Reserve says the total student loan debt in the United States has almost tripled over the past eight years, approaching one trillion dollars. Continue reading

US Govt. is Corrupt , Dictatorship , Promoting Assassination around the World – Ron Paul

JNN 16 Nov 2012 Washington : Rep. Ron Paul, the iconic libertarian congressman from Texas, has delivered a speech what will most likely be his final address to Congress .He criticized the US Government of its Corruption, bent on promoting wars, undermining liberties, and assassinating those it considers terrorists. Continue reading

US Economy still going Down , results High Un Employment for Years to come


JNN 02 Sept 2012 New York : During the Fed’s annual address from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said current economic conditions are setting America up for “daunting” challenges and continued grim employment numbers. Continue reading