US Mercenary Groups Including ” Black Water ” asked to Help Syrian Rebels by Saudis

Mr. Schmitz, Ex Black Water Handler from CIAJNN 23 May 2014 WASHINGTON—An urgent plea for arms by Syrian rebels last summer posed a quandary for the Obama administration. Continue reading

Saudi royal guard Fighting alongside Al Qaeda terrorist killed by Syrian forces recapturing Deir Attiya

Saudi Royal Gaurd Commander Killed in Dier AttiyaJNN 01 Dec 2013 Damascus : A Saudi Royal Army commander has been killed along with 40 Saudi militants in Syria’s Deir Attiyeh during clashes that freed the strategic town from al-Qaeda-linked militants. Continue reading

Turkish Shia fear the deepening divide due to Govt Sponsored Sectarian Policies

Syrian Alvi Refugees in TurkeyJNN 12 Oct 2013 Istanbul : The poison of sectarian hatred is spreading to Turkey from Syria as a result of the Turkish government giving full support to Wahabi Terrorists in the Syrian civil war. Continue reading

Infighting among terrorist Groups fighting in Syria Escalates

Syrian Terrorist GroupJNN 30 Sept 2013 Damascus : Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists operating inside Syria have reportedly given the terrorist Free Syrian Army 48 hours to disarm, as rift among the extremist groups in the country continues to widen. Continue reading

Infighting among “ Foreign Jihadis ” & FSA , with insufficient supply of weapons strangled the Syrian Opposition, Syrian forces reclaiming the lost grounds 1 by 1

FSA Rebels being killed by Foreign Jihadis in SyriaJNN 16 July 2013 Damascus : The Free Syrian Army (FSA) has demanded more weapons from the international community to fight Al-Qaeda-linked groups, a day after one of its top commanders was killed by fighters from a rival group. Continue reading

With Hezbollah’s support to the Syrian Army , the foreign Infested terrorist giving SOS Signals to their Masters

Hezbollah Support for Syrain ArmyJNN 4 June 2013 Damascus : Syrian Government forces are continuing their assault on Qusayr. Syria army on Saturday continued to bombard rebel-held areas of the city bordering Lebanon, activists told Al Jazeera, as clashes raged between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and opposition fighters on several front lines. Continue reading

US, Saudi , Jordanian , French , Terrorist trained in Jordan for Insurgency in Syria

US , France , Qatar , Turkey training Syrian TerroristJNN 12 Mar 2013 Damascus : Foreign instructors are training Syrian rebels in modern warfare in Jordan, suggest media reports from Europe. Sources claim the trainees will be the security force if Assad goes, while the combat skills they are being taught distort the picture. Continue reading

Syrian army, rebels voice Acceptance of ceasefire during Eid Ul Azha holiday amid rejection from extremists

JNN  25 Oct 2012 DAMASCUS :  The Syrian army and the armed rebels on Thursday voiced commitment to the internationally-backed cease-fire during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha amid rejection from the extremist groups currently operative on ground. Continue reading