Syrian Terrorist Commanders Quit FSA over Lack of Military Aid

Syrian Rebel Commanders Quit FSAJNN 15 June 2014 Damascus : Nine top officers from the moderate Free Syrian Army resigned Saturday over shortages and mismanagement of military aid from donor countries for their rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad. Continue reading


US Mercenary Groups Including ” Black Water ” asked to Help Syrian Rebels by Saudis

Mr. Schmitz, Ex Black Water Handler from CIAJNN 23 May 2014 WASHINGTON—An urgent plea for arms by Syrian rebels last summer posed a quandary for the Obama administration. Continue reading

Infighting among “ Foreign Jihadis ” & FSA , with insufficient supply of weapons strangled the Syrian Opposition, Syrian forces reclaiming the lost grounds 1 by 1

FSA Rebels being killed by Foreign Jihadis in SyriaJNN 16 July 2013 Damascus : The Free Syrian Army (FSA) has demanded more weapons from the international community to fight Al-Qaeda-linked groups, a day after one of its top commanders was killed by fighters from a rival group. Continue reading

Wahabi Syrian FSA Cannibal Leader , Repeats the Precedent set by Hinda , Mother of Muawiah , GM of Yazeed l.a

Syrian FSA Terrorist Eats out Heart of a SoldierJNN 15 May 2013 Damascus : A disturbing video which shows a Syrian rebel commander cutting the heart out of a soldier and biting into it shows that the country’s civil war has rapidly descended into sectarian violence and revenge killings, Human Right Watch said on Monday. Continue reading