Once Again Ceasefire came into effect in the Gaza Strip

Cease Fire Once Again comes into effect in War Ravaged Gaza Strip , Palestine

JNN 26 Aug 2014 GAZA — A new Gaza ceasefire came into effect on Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. (0400 GMT), after an agreement reached Between Palestinian and Israeli authorities, brokered by Egypt, reached between Israel and the Palestinian factions, including Hamas movement. Continue reading


Gaza truce fail: Israeli Airstrikes kill 5yo Child, Hamas Next Target Tel Aviv Airport

TOPSHOTS-PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-CONFLICT-GAZA - ATTACKJNN 22 Aug 2014 Gaza : Israeli-Palestinian rocket fire resumed on Tuesday after Gaza truce talks broke down. A 5-year-old girl and a woman became the first victims of renewed Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. Hamas launched around 50 rockets at Israel, hitting as far as Tel Aviv. Continue reading

Atleast 172 Martyred , Thousands Injured in Israeli Raids on Gaza , Ground Operation Held

Gaza Destruction By Israeli RaidsJNN 14 July 2014 The death toll of the brutal assault carried out by the Zionist entity on Gaza strip passed 170 , while the Number of Injured is in Thousands  , as Tel Aviv held off from a threatened ground operation with world making efforts to broker a truce. Continue reading

Egypt reopens border crossing with Gaza Strip

Egypt reopens Gaza CrossingJNN 26 Aug 2013 GAZA  – Egypt reopened its border crossing with the Gaza Strip on Saturday after four days of it being closed, allowing stranded passengers to cross in and out of the Palestinian territory that is controlled by the Hamas group. Continue reading

Hamas Sorry for its Betrayal wants to pave its way back with Iran, Hezbollah

File picture shows Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei looking on as Hamas leader Meshaal speaks during official meeting in TehranJNN 22 Aug 2013 Gaza : Stunned by turmoil in neighboring Egypt and starved of funds, the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas is looking to repair damaged ties with its traditional Middle East allies, Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah party. Continue reading

After Qusayr Syrian troops re-capture, adjoining villages and recaptures Golan Heights Crossing while US troops deployed along Jordan border

syrian Forces Captures Golan Crossing , while US Troops on Jordan BordersJNN 10 June 2013 Syrian troops, backed by Hezbollah fighters, pressed on with their offensive on Friday in the country’s militant heartland, taking two small villages near strategic town Qusayr that was captured by the government this week. While on the other side Syrian forces liberated the Quneitra Crossing – situated between Syria and the Golan Heights – after heavy clashes with the terrorist of anti-government gunmen.  Continue reading

Hagel nomination as the Next US Defence Secretary unnerves some in Israel

Nominated US Defence Secretary Chuck HagelJNN 09 Jan 2013 Washington D.C : President Barack Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel as the next U.S. secretary of defense is causing jitters in Israel, where some circles view the former Nebraska senator as unsympathetic or even hostile, The Associated Press reported. Continue reading

Hamas & Fatah celebrates , Hamas Chief, Khaled Mashaal, arrival In Gaza after 45 Years, shows signs of Unity & Victory

Palestinian Celebrate Hamas Leader Khalid Mishaal with Ismail HaniyahJNN 08 Dec 2012 RAFAH, Gaza Strip — The political leader of Hamas resistance movement, Khaled Meshaal, has arrived in the Gaza Strip for his first-ever visit to the Palestinian territory and to take part in Palestinians’ victory rally . The image of Hamas’ long-exiled chief triumphantly walking around the Gaza Strip, flashing victory signs beside Islamic militant leaders Friday, illustrates how the group’s defiance of Israel is forcing a change in Palestinian politics. Continue reading

Hamas-Israel ceasefire Brokered By Egypt comes into effect

JNN 22 Nov 2012 Gaza : Following eight days of intense shelling that left over 150 people killed, a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has come into effect. The truce was announced by Egypt’s foreign minister and confirmed by both Israeli and Palestinian officials. Continue reading

Israeli offensive continues against Gaza, Palestinian fighters respond by downing an Israeli F-16 Plane

JNN 17 Nov 2012 Gaza : Egypt’s Prime minister visited the besieged Gaza Strip on Friday in the midst of an Israeli offensive there, calling for an end to the aggression, as Palestinian rocket squads aimed at Tel Aviv for a second straight day.Palestinian fighters have downed an Israeli warplane flying over the Gaza Strip as retaliatory rocket attacks from the enclave continue to sound alarms across Israel. Continue reading

Israel launches major military operation against Gaza,Commander of the al-Qassam Brigades Martyred , Egypt Recalls it ambassador from Israel

JNN 15 Nov 2012 Gaza : Israel has launched a series of new air and ground attacks, dubbed as Operation Pillar of Cloud, against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which has been under an Israeli blockade for the past five years. The head of Hamas’ military wing Ahmed al-Jabari has been killed in an Israeli attack on the besieged Gaza Strip. Continue reading

Sudan rejects US request for Marine Deployment , While Yemeni parliament calls for expulsion of US marines from Sana’a

JNN 16 Sept 2012 Sana : The Yemeni parliament has called for the expulsion of US Marines that were deployed in Sana’a While Sudan has Rejected the US Request to send Marines to the Country in the name of Beefing up the Security at its Embassy, following recent protests outside the US embassy against a blasphemous US-made anti-Islam movie. Continue reading

Turkey expells Israel’s ambassador to Istanbul

JNN 03 Sept 2011 – Turkey says it is expelling Israel’s ambassador and downgrading diplomatic relations with the country over its refusal to apologize for last year’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla. Turkey’s president has warned the move could be followed by further measures. Continue reading

Turkey expells Israel's ambassador to Istanbul

JNN 03 Sept 2011 – Turkey says it is expelling Israel’s ambassador and downgrading diplomatic relations with the country over its refusal to apologize for last year’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla. Turkey’s president has warned the move could be followed by further measures. Continue reading

Egypt recalls ambassador from Israel demands Investigation & Explanation on the killings

JNN 20 Aug 2011 : Egypt said Saturday it will withdraw its ambassador from Israel to protest the deaths of Egyptian security forces in what it called a breach of the 1979 peace treaty between the two countries, sharply escalating tensions after a cross-border ambush that killed eight Israelis. Continue reading

Egypt Military Rulers decides to Open the Rafah Crossing to ease Palestinians sufferings, which worries Israel

JNN 01 May 2011 Rafah : Egyptian Military rulers have decided to open the Rafah Crossing on Permanent Basis to ease the suffering of the Palestinian People. While they have warned Israel against interfering with its plan to permanently open the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip. Continue reading

Arab World Revolution starts bearing fruits , Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah signs a deal for Unity , to save the Gold Mine Gaza from Israel

JNN 01 May April :The politically divided Palestinian territories took a major step toward reconciliation Wednesday when the rival movements of Hamas and Fatah announced a deal to form a unity government, officials from both groups said. Continue reading

10 Palestinian Killed Dozens Injured , Israeli Planes strike Gaza

JNN 24 Mar 2011 : Israeli jets have staged three air strikes over Gaza, hours after a bomb struck a crowded bus stop in West Jerusalem, killing at least one person and wounding 30 in what authorities said was the first major attack in the city in several years. Continue reading