5 New Towns for the Pilgrims Planned in Najaf, Iran

5 Towns Planned near NajafJNN 19 Jan 2014 Tehran : The Astan (custodianship) of Imam Ali’s (AS) holes shrine in Najaf, Iraq, plans 5 new pilgrims towns in the city. Continue reading

The Beautification & Refurbishment of Holy Shrine of Hazrat Imam Ali Begins

Beautification Work of Roza e Hazral Ali Najaf dJNN 25 Feb 2013 Najaf : The first golden brick laid out on Thursday Feb/21/2013 in a ceremony for the Inaugration of the Beautification Process of the Dome and the two Minarets of the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Ali , was attended by the head of the Shiite entailment bureau Mr. Salih EL-Haidery, the Secretariat-General of the Imam Ali holy shrine, the Secretariat-General of the EL-Abbas holy shrine Sayed Ahmed EL-Safy and some other scholars and politicians. Continue reading