Desperate IS Terrorists Plans Quran Bomb attacks Civilians , 83 Martyred in Syeda Zainab Holy Shrine Neighborhood

Car Bomb near Syeda Zainab s.a Holy ShrineJNN 27 Feb 2016 Baghdad  – The ISIL Takfiri terrorist group claimed responsibility for multiple explosions that struck a suburban area of the Syrian capital, Damascus, where Hazrat Zeinab (SA) shrine is Situated . Continue reading

Holy Shrine of Lady Sakina Bintul Hussain , Once again targeted by the Takfiri / Wahabi Terrorist in Damascus , Syria

Shrine of Bibi Sakina Binte Hussain a.s Damaged 05 Feb 2014 gJNN 07 Feb 2014 Damascus : Wahabi / Takfiri terrorists in Syria Once again targeted the shrine of Bibi Sakinah Bintul Hussain a.s , the daughter of the third Shi’a Imam, Hussain ibn-Ali (P), in Daraa – Syria on Wednesday. Continue reading

Holy Shrine of Syeda Sukena Bint Hussain Liberated from the Takfiri Terrorist

Exclusive video of liberation of Hazrat Sakina shrine in SyriaJNN 13 Jan 2104 Damascus : Syrian troops have success to liberate the holy shrine of Sayeda Sukayna or Sakina (AS), the daughter of Imam Hussein (AS), during an operation near the Syrian capital, Damascus, Media reports. Continue reading

Protest and Demonstrations across Pakistan against the Rocket Attack on Syedda Zainab s.a Holy Shrine

Pakistani Muslims Protest against the Rocket Attack on Syedda Zainab s.a ShrineJNN 24 July 2103 Karachi : Terrorist attack on holy shrine of Hazrat Syedda Zainab (AS) has sparked off stiff protest across Pakistan. From Karachi to Skardu, Shia Muslims wearing black suits and armbands have come out of their houses and gathered on main roads. Their protest demonstrations are going on in all small and big cities of all the five provinces of Pakistan.  Continue reading

Bibi Zainab is My Role Model – Shiite Convert Indonesian Lady

Indonesian Shiite Convert Lady Emilia - ZainabJNN 25 June 2013 Baghdad : After embracing Islam and converting to Shi’ism, I faced many difficulties but they only enhanced my resolve to walk on the path of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) says the Newly converted Indonesian Shia Lady Zainab ( Amilia ) Continue reading