7 Bahraini Policemen Injured in a Bomb attack on Police Check Point

Bomb Attack on Police check Point in Manama , BahrainJNN 31 May 2013 Manama : Seven policemen have been injured in an attack in the Bahraini village of Akr, the country’s public security chief has told state media. Continue reading

Tens of Thousands Bahraini Shia Protesters Rally against the Al Khalifa Brutalities

JNN 02 Sept 2012 Manama : Thousands of protesters from Shiite opposition groups marched in Bahrain on Friday to demand the release of jailed activists, witnesses told AFP. The march held under the slogan “Freedom and Democracy” was organised after a two-month break in demonstrations in the tiny Gulf monarchy ruled by a Sunni minority. It was held near a motorway connecting Shiite villages with Manama. Continue reading

Thousands stage Protest in Austria , Sweden, Canada against the Shia Target Killing in Pakistan

JNN 30 April 2012 Stockholm : Hundreds of protesters including human rights activists held a protest demonstration in Malmo, Sweden against the Shia Target Killing  of innocent Shi’a Muslims across Pakistan. Continue reading