Human Right Champion British Govt , supplying Cluster Bombs to Saudi Forces Bombing Yemeni Civilians

Yemeni Village Bombed with UK Made cluster BombsJNN 26 May 2016 Sanaa : Banned UK-manufactured cluster bombs have been found in a Yemeni village targeted in Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, leading to calls for the UK to come clean on its weapon sales and military support to Saudi Arabia. Continue reading

Bahraini Shia Citizens Protest against Al Khalifa Regime against their Anti Human Rights Policies

Bafriani Shia Protest against the Al Khalifa RegimeJNN 11 Aug 2014 Manama : Protesters in the tiny Persian Gulf country of Bahrain have staged an anti-regime rally in protests against the ruling Al Khalifa dynasty’s continued suppression of dissent and its violation of human rights. Plus its Policy of Revoking Nationalities of Shia Citizens , and awarding Nationality on Sectarian Grounds  on Large Scale to change the Demographic of the Island Nation .  Continue reading

Bahraini Shia Committed against the Wahabi Monarchy on the 3rd Anniversary of the Revolution

Anti-government protesters throw stones at riot police after the funeral procession for Asma Hussain, in the village of Jid Al HajJNN 14 Feb 2014 Manama : Clashes with police have marked the third anniversary of the Bahrain uprising that had seen numerous human rights violations by the government and wide social discontent of the majority Shia population with the minority ruling Sunni monarchy. Continue reading

Saudi Monarchy afraid of Revolution Passes a new law to Prosecute Protesters as terrorists

Saudi Dictator MonarchyJNN 03 Feb 2014 Riyadh : Saudi Arabia put into effect a sweeping new law Sunday that human rights activists say allows the kingdom to prosecute as a terrorist anyone who demands reform, exposes corruption or otherwise engages in dissent. Continue reading

UAE Government Abuser of Power against Civil Liberties and Human Rights – HRW

Emirati blogger and human rights activisJNN 26 Jan 2013 The Recent Report Published by the Human Rights Watch , Highlights the Atrocities of Repressive Government of UAE , as the Abuser of Civil Liberties & Human Rights . Condemning their Ban on the Right of Free Speech , And an Option to Practice the Choose  the Religion & Sect to follow. Continue reading

Rohingya Muslims’ Plight Ignored by Biased Main Stream Media

Rohingya Muslims Plight Ignored By Main Stream MediaJNN 08 Jan 2014 Yangoon : Western- and even Muslim world- media are so much preoccupied with terrorism and bombings these days that they seem to have forgotten the troubles of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims. Continue reading

Thousands of Bahrainis Protest the arrest of Shia Oppostion Leader

Protest By Al Wefaq in Budaiya , 27 Sept , 2013 fJNN 30 Sept 2013 Manama : Thousands of Bahrianis came out on the Roads to register their Protest in the west of the country’s capital, Manama, over the arrest of a prominent opposition figure, just hours after another rally ended with clashes with police. Continue reading

Wahabi Al Khalifa Family princess & princes Personally torturing Shia activists

Bahraini Protesters Do or Die MissionJNN 26 Jan 2013 Manama : A Bahraini princess is in court for the torture of three pro-democracy activists in detention. The princess’s case is the latest in a string of cases of torture and violence has seen the light in a report issued by Bahraini opposition. Continue reading

European Parliament Calls for EU Sanctions Against Bahrain for Gross Human Rights violations

EU MP Marietje SchaakeJNN 22 Jan 2013 Brussels : The European Parliament today endorsed a strong worded resolution addressing the ongoing human rights violations in Bahrain. The effort led by Dutch Member of European Parliament Marietje Schaake (ALDE/D66) calls for targeted EU sanctions against human rights violators in Bahrain.  Continue reading

US Drones Target Killing claims 5390 Inconent Unarmed Citizens lives ,Just to target 110 Wanted By US – Congressman Dennis Kucinich

JNN 17 Nov 2012  Washington D.C : On November 15, 2012 Congressman Dennis Kucinich was granted permission to address the U.S. House of Representatives for one minute. And in Just this short time the figures revealed by him , regarding the Drone attacks were Drastic . Continue reading

A Shia Infant and a Senior Martyred , while the Right Activist and Medics Arrested , Protest and Demonstrations continue against Al Khalifa

JNN 20 Oct 2012 Manama : Bahraini have held a funeral procession for latest martyr, who was martyred due to inhalation of tear gas fired by regime forces. while the excessive use of Poisonous Tear Gas have also Martyred an Infant , at the same time about 12 Shia Citizens , which includes Medics, Human Rights Activist were detained in the Brutal Crack Down by the Saudi Backed Bahraini Forces. Continue reading

Malaysian Govt Illegally detain Shia Cleric in violation of Civil & Human Rights

JNN 18 Oct 2012 Kualalumpur : Sampang Shia community leader Tajul Muluk has remained in detention at the Sidoarjo penitentiary for the past week without a clear legal basis, despite the end of his detention period having been reached, his lawyer Asfinawati said on Wednesday.  Continue reading

A Revolutionary within the Saudi Monarchy – Princess Basma Bint e Saud

JNN 11 April 2012 London : Youngest daughter of the country’s second king King Saud and niece to its current ruler Princess Basma Bint Saud Bin Abdulaziz , Educated in Britain and Switzerland, and who is a Widow and is living in Acton ,London , with her children , wants to revolutionize the Saudi Culture and Constitution , and to bring it in accordance with the teachings of Islam. As she thinks that its laws are in confrontation to Islam . Continue reading

12,000 Egyptian Activist Tried in Military Courts after the Ouster of Hosni Mubarrak

JNN 09 Sep 2011 : Egyptian activists have released a report that reveals 12,000 civilians have been tried in military courts since the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, Press  reports. Continue reading

Bahrain Military Court issues Death Sentence to 4 and Life Imprisonment to 3 Shia Protesters

JNN 28 April 2011 : Bahrain’s military court has sentenced four anti-government protesters to death,and three others for Life Imprisonment in a move to further crush the ongoing revolutionary movement in the small Persian Gulf country. Continue reading

Arabian Shia’s Protest for the Urgent Withdrawl of Ale Saud’s forces from Bahrain

JNN 10 April 2011 : Hundreds of  Arabian Shia’s  have demonstrated to denounce the presence of Ale Saud’s forces in Bahrain, where they are  helping  the Al Khalifa family  to crack down on Bahraini  protesters. Continue reading

Arabian Shia's Protest for the Urgent Withdrawl of Ale Saud's forces from Bahrain

JNN 10 April 2011 : Hundreds of  Arabian Shia’s  have demonstrated to denounce the presence of Ale Saud’s forces in Bahrain, where they are  helping  the Al Khalifa family  to crack down on Bahraini  protesters. Continue reading