Iran’s LEA’s Nabs the Killers of Sunni Molvi to curb the sectarianism , Planned by Ale Saud

JNN 21 May 2012 Tehran : An Iranian judicial official says intelligence forces have identified and arrested six people on charges of involvement in the assassination of a Sunni cleric in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan. Continue reading

Iran’s Intelligence uncover Mossad’s Network in Central and Border Provinces

JNN 11 April 2012 Tehran : Iran’s Intelligence Ministry says it has busted a major network of terrorism and sabotage with links to Israel in what seems to be a sign of escalation of Tel Aviv’s covert intelligence war against Tehran. Continue reading

US putting Pressure on Pakistan to allow bases in Balochistan for espionage on Iran

JNN 22 Feb 2012  : An Indian newspaper says the United States is putting pressure on Pakistan to allow Washington to establish espionage bases in the country’s Balochistan province to gather intelligence on Iran.  Continue reading