Iran will Export 2bcm Natural Gas to Europe via Turkey , while its revenue of Gas Exports will Surpass USD10 bn

Iran Exporting Gas to Europe via TurkeyJNN 18 May 2013 TEHRAN – Turkey will to transit 2 billion cubic meters of Iranian gas annually to Europe, While revenue from gas exports will surpass USD 10 billion per year the Mehr News Agency reported on Wednesday. Continue reading

Iran becoming the Power Generation Hub of the Region, Electricity Exports rising at the rate of 29%

Iran's Electrictiy Export rising amid SanctionsJNN 19 Apr 2013 TEHRAN – Iran exported 11.054 billion kilowatt hours of electricity to its neighboring countries in the past Iranian calendar year, which ended on March 20, showing 29 percent rise year on year, the Fars News Agency reported. Continue reading

Iran’s Export of Oil and Cars increasing , Despite Unilateral Economic Sanctions by US & EU

Iran's Oil Export IncreasingJNN 07 Mar 2013 Tehran : Iran exported about 50,000cars and 56,000tons of gasoline , which is valued at about US$ 300Million in the first eleven months of the Iranian Calendar ,which shows the increase in its exports of both the items , despite the Unilateral  sanctions imposed by the US and the European Union. Continue reading

Iran is world’s 14th leading electricity Producer & Exporter

Iran an Electricity ExporterJNN 18 Dec 2012 TEHRAN – Iran is the world’s 14th leading electricity producer, Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Mohammad Behzad said on Monday, citing the latest statistics released by the International Energy Agency.  Continue reading

Iran to inaugurate world’s largest gasoline refinery in 2-3 weeks

JNN 21 Aug 2012 TEHRAN – Iran will soon inaugurate the world’s largest gasoline production unit at Shazand refinery which will boost gasoline production capacity by around 8 million liters per day, the deputy oil minister stated.  Continue reading