Custodian of the Holy Mosque Responsible for the Destruction of Holy Prophet’s Birth Place

SAUDI-RELIGION-ISLAM-HAJJJNN 15 Nov 2014 Riyadh : Concerns are rising among Muslims over Saudi Monarchy’s controversial plan to demolish the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the holy city of Mecca. Continue reading

Saudi Wahabi Monarchy Destroying Islam’s Sacred Sites , Holy Prophet’s Birth Place

Holy Sites Beng demolihsed By Wahabi Saudi MonarchyJNN 23 Feb 2014 Riyadh : Fresh plans are being drawn up to erect a modern complex on the site of what scholars of Islam contend is the birthplace of Prophet Mohammad as part of a sweeping multi-billion-dollar redevelopment of the pilgrimage city of Mecca that has already ravaged many sacred sites and structures. Continue reading