JAP convenes an APC , to counter Militancy and Target Killing in Karachi

290920141442JNN 29th Sept 2014 Karachi : Jafria Alliance Pakistan ( JAP ) in Collabration with F.A.I.T.H ( Forum against Intolerance , Terrorism & Hatred ) convened an All Parties Conference on the Topic “ SAVE PAKISTAN FROM MILITANCY ” on Monday 29th Sept 2014 , at Manzar Akber Hall , Pakistan Arts Council Karachi. Continue reading

JAP convenes APC on the ongoing Terrorism and Sectarianism , with special attention on Shia Target Killing causes and eradication

JNN 25 April 2012 Karachi : Jafria Alliance Pakistan convened an All Parties Conference , in which all the Leader of the Ruling and the Opposition Parties and even which are not in the the assemblies , and from all the Religious and Political Parties were invited , and All the Major Parties Leader Participated and vowed to work together for the elimination of Terrorism and Target Killing , and especially Shia Target Killing across Pakistan. Continue reading

JAP Activist and his Son Targeted , Son embraced Martyrdom ,while father injured by the terrorists of SSP

JNN 16 Mar 2012 Karachi : In the late hours of 15th Mar 2012 at around 11.45p.m, A Young Shia Man S.Akmal Mohsin Rizvi S/o Mohsin Rizvi,18  and His Father , Mohsin Rizvi , who is a office Bearer of  Jaferia Alliance Pakistan  were Targeted and shot at Patel Para , Near Lasbella Bridge, Karachi. Due to which  Akmal embraced Martyrdom, while Mohsin is in ICU, and is being treated for his bullet wounds , and is now in stable condition , out of danger, and in the recovery process. Continue reading

JAP conducts a APC on the Sanctity of Harmain Sharifain , and the Defense of Pakistan

JNN 03 June 2011 Karachi : Jafria Alliance Pakistan Organised an All parties Conference on the topic of “ Sanctity of Harmain Sharifain and the Defense of Pakistan” ( Taqadus e Hermain Sharifain and Difa e Pakistan ) as required under the Prevailing conditions of the World & especially Pakistan. Continue reading

Karachi under Heavy threat as JAP volunteers fired & attacked

JNN 10 Dec 2010 Karachi : Today the Van carrying the Shiite Youth belonging to the Volunteers core of Jafria Alliance Pakistan was attacked and fired , when they were coming in a private van and crossing the English Biscuit Causeway route coming from Korangi Industrial Area .

In this Incident three Shiite youth received bullet injuries , who were directly rushed  to the Hospital , where they were treated , one was serious , but till the filing of this report , Just one was in the hospital , and was said to be out of danger , while the rest were discharged after giving them necessary Medical treatment.

This has been pointed out to the Law Enforcement Agencies and the Civil Administration several times that the best thing to protect the lives of Innocent Shia Citizens and in Particular Residents of Karachi the focus is to be on nabbing and putting behind bars and properly prosecuting the Members of the Banned Terrorist Organisations , who are still running their Sector and Unit Offices in different areas of Karachi, even after that there Organisation have been banned by the government. Instead of cordoning of the Majalis and the Religious Parades ,the emphasis should be on doing a crack down on the terrorists , as if the city and the country will be free of these anti Islam and Anti Pakistan terrorist , there will be no need of High security measures and all the Peace loving citizens of Pakistan , will live in Harmony , as they were living there life , before the birth of these illegitimate terrorists .