Saudi forces Kill One and injures 15 Men in a Shia Neighborhood of Awamia , Qatif

Saudi forces open fire at people in Awamia, kill 1JNN 06 Sept 2013 Riyadh : Saudi forces have opened fire at people in a Shia neighborhood in eastern region of al-Awamia, killing a young man and wounding at least 15 others. Continue reading

Saudi Monarchy forcing and sending Young Detainees & Weapons to fuel Insurgency in Syria


JNN 09 Oct 2012 Damascus : An official source at the Arab secret resistance movement – Hasm – noted recently that even if Al Saud regime was claiming officially not to like the idea of young Saudis going to fight Jihad in Syria, it was secretly forcing and sending young detainees and weapons in to Syria through Turkish Border , to re enforce the Insurgents. Continue reading