Vigorous extension of Operation Zarb e Azb Needed in Urban Pakistan to Stop Daesh Recruitment

Daesh Recruitment from Lahore , Punjab 2015 aJNN 31 Dec 2015 ISLAMABAD : On the morning of September 12, the female principal of a Lahore-based Islamic center left home along with her four children telling her husband that she was going to Kasur for Dars-e-Quran but never returned. Continue reading

Teenager Girl Raped and Buried Alive in Punjab , Pakistan , comes out of Her Grave Alive

Teenager Girl Buried alive , comes out alive from her graveJNN 02 Nov 2013 Lahore : A 13-year-old Pakistani girl managed to dig her way out of a shallow grave after being raped and buried alive by her attackers. A court has ordered an investigation into the incident after police allegedly refused to pursue the case. Continue reading

Pakistani Government releases the leader of the banned Terrorist group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, from prison

Pakistani Terrorist Malik IshaqJNN 27 May 2013 Lahore : Chief of the Terrorist Organisation Lashkar e Jhangvi , Malik Ishaq was released in the Punjab’s capital Lahore on Thursday without being prosecuted.

He was arrested and held in custody in February. As he was involved in Provocative Speeches and since his earlier release terrorist attacks has intensified against the Shiite Community , and the Pakistani forces , His group was outlawed by the Pakistani government shortly after his arrest.

Most terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Sipah-e-Sahaba are enjoying the support of Saudi Arabia, as they follow the same Brand of Wahabi Islam , which is being Propogated by the Saudi Monarchy around the world , which teaches terrorism and is against the Main Stream Islam’s teaching.

Ishaq’s imprisonment was a precautionary measure during Pakistan’s election. He has orchestrated numerous terrorist attacks against Shia Muslims in Pakistan. Most of the attacks have been in the city of Quetta in southwestern Pakistan where more than 180 Shias have been killed since January.

Pakistan held elections on May 11 , in which Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League-N Party won the Majority National Assembly seats and are now in the Process of forming the Government to rule for the Next five year term .

Nawaz Sharif has also a soft corner for Taliban the Mother Organization of all the Wahabi Organistaion in Pakistan , supported by Saudi Arabia and Used by the CIA agents for the Disintegration, and to create Chaos in Pakistan .

He has repeatedly said in his speeches that negotiation should be done with the Proclaimed Terrorist Organization Taliban and the terrorists of the group should be requested to come to the table to negotiate a deal , who have Publicly and Practically worked against the Pakistan , and have killed and slaughtered Thousands of Pakistani Citizens and armed Forces Personnel , and have attacked the Armed Forces Sensitive Installlations , like GHQ, Mehran Base , and several Other Places .

Which will be a very dangerous Precedent set for the future to come as the Criminal and Terrorist organization will have a new Life , as they will know that even after committing the Most Henious crimes , one day they ll be set free of all their crimes , and finally they ll be negotiating on their terms with the governments to come .

It is in other words the Victory of the US Government and the reward to the Taliban from them , as now it is the time for them to be rewarded officially by the US Government , for all these years terrorizing the whole of the region and specially the Pakistani Government ,  and now it is the time to put them on the Main Stream Politics to shape the region and to conduct their Plans as per their desire and will .

But the God is great , as the History have given us a lesson that when ever Pharos think that they are Unbeatables , Moses is send by God to teach them a Lesson , finally when Yazeed e Munafiq thinks now he has attained So Much Power , that he can ruin Islam , and Defame and Deface Islam , Imam Hussain a.s , stoods in his way to create History of Glory and Honor , and Blocked his way for ever , as He gave his life , but left a chain of his followers who ll safe guard His Mission of Truth and Justice till the Dooms day , for which they feel it their Pride to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the Sacred Mission to Uphold the Real  Islam , as being sent by the All Mighty Allah, for the well being of the Man Kind .


India officially accepts of backing terrorism in Pakistan , As Sarbajit Singh a convicted terrorist given State funeral in India

Indian Raw Agent Sarbajit Singh Given State FuneralJNN 07 May 2013 Delhi : Indian spy Sarabjit Singh had gone to Pakistan for an operation managed by a senior Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) official and later became the external intelligence agency’s chief, Hindustan Times (HT) reported.   Continue reading

Shia Unity Show of strength across Pakistan , Quetta Sit In now enters 48th Hour, Protest Sit In’s across Pakistan

Alamdar Road Suicide Blast Sit In , 11 Jan 2013JNN 13 Jan 2013 Karachi : As the devastated Shia protesters in Quetta continued their Protest Sit In over the 86 unburied bodies of their loves ones, their grief was felt across the country as members of the Shia communities and civil society came out on the streets of various cities of Pakistan on Saturday. Shias from across the country staged protests in their respective cities on Saturday against the targeted killings of Shias in several attacks, including two blasts in Quetta on Thursday that left over a 100 dead. Continue reading

MWM ‘s “ Quran O Sunnat conference ” at Minar e Pakistan , Lahore , A show of tremendous Shia strength and Power

JNN 01 July 2012 Lahore : Today was the day for the shia population of Punjab to show their Unity and strength , as they have once again got a chance to be meeting at Minar e Pakistan ,  the same Place ,after atleast 25 years , now under the Banner of Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen’s “ Quran O Sunnat Conference . Continue reading

This week 4 Men became victims of the Shia Target Kiling in Pakistan by SSP Terrorist

JNN 26 May 2012 Karachi : Last week the Target Killing claimed 4 lives of shia Men across Pakistan . Shehzad Hussain s/o Iqbal Hussain embraced Martydom , when the Bus he was riding , came under terrorist attack on the National Highway , enroute to Pindi. On Thursday 24th May Jawad Raza Shah s/o Ejaz Ali Shah was targeted and Martyred in Lahore , while another Shia Hazara Young Man Ameer Mohd Hamza resident of Hazara Town  was targeted in the Limits of Quetta city, where he embraced Martyrdom by the firing of Lashkar e Jhangvi Terrorists. Earlier in the Week  Manzoor Hussain was targeted in the Limits of Gulshan e Maymar , where he was fired by the same terrorist wing of Sipah e Sahaba , due to which he embraced Martydom. Continue reading

Another Shia Writer and Educationist with 2 other Momineen Martyred By the Terrorist of SSP in 3 Different Incidents at Lahore & Mastung

JNN 20 May 2012 Lahore : Atleast 3 Momineen have been targeted and Martyred by the Firing of the Terrorist Wing of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Namely Lashkar e Jhangvi, In which Dr. Prof.Syed Shabih ul Hassan Hashmi  s /o S. Waheed Ul Hassan Hashmi ,  was targeted in Lahore, while Abdul Ghafoor s/o Abdul Fateh Bukhari embraced Martyrdom in Mastung , due to the firing of SSP Terrorist , In the same area couple of days earlier Another Momin Md. Hussain Milzai has also embraced Martyrdom due to the firing of Lashkar e Jhangvi terrorist. Continue reading

Imran Khan vows to Implement Khilafat e Rashida in Pakistan : Karcahi Rally

JNN 25 Dec 2011 Karachi : Imran Khan is a Taliban without a beard. He initially won liberal hearts by building a cancer hospital and fashioning himself as a reformer. But he has increasingly turned to hard-line politics, pleading the case of the Taliban. Continue reading

Biased Media & Punjab Govt Portraying Ali Pur Attack of Terrorist Malik Ishaq , as a attack on him by Shia Men

JNN 22 Sept 2011 : On Sunday The Chief of the Outlaw Banned Terrorist Organisation  with his henchmen tried to terrorize the Innocent Shia Population of Ali Pur, By taking his team of fully armed terrorist with him in a convoy to pass  Ali pur , but as the News has already reached the Shia Citizens of Ali Pur so to prevent any mishap the elders and youngster of the town led by Sardar Qazim Ali Haideri, raised their concerns over the passage of the LeJ entourage through their area , and reached the Ali Pur Panjnud Road  to convince the Terorrist Malik Ishaq not to pass through Ali Pur , rather take an Alternative Route. Continue reading

350 suicide bombers being trained in Waziristan to attack targets in Pakistan and Afghanistan

JNN 10.05.11 May 2011 : The suicide bomber, who was caught alive from inside the Sakhi Sarwar Shrine in Dera Ghazi Khan a few days ago, has claimed that up to 350 suicide bombers are being trained in Mir Ali, North Waziristan.  Continue reading

Raymond Davis Pardoned of the Murders of 2 Pakistani, after Blood Money given to hiers , Protest and Riots after Release

JNN 17 Mar 2011 LAHORE: An American CIA contractor who shot and killed two Pakistanis, was released and he mysteriously flew for Afghanistan after families of the two deceased were given blood money and the case was dropped, while his name was there in the ECL. Continue reading

Pakistani Government favors American Killers of Innocent Pakitanis

JNN 01 Feb 2011 Lahore : The Sources have told that Pakistani Government in its effort to favour the American Government in saving the Killers of the Pakistani Citizens on the Pakistani Soil , Has not booked or have shown any efforts to take the custody of the other killer who killed a Motorcyclist , in his mission to save his American colleague Continue reading

US official charged for murder of 2 Men in Lahore

JNN 28 Jan 2011 Lahore :  US embassy official charged with the murder of two Pakistani citizens is an agent for the notorious security firm, Blackwater, sources.

The US official identified by police as Raymond Davis shot dead two men riding on a motorcycle in Lahore on Thursday in what he claimed was self-defense during an attempted robbery. Continue reading