Another Suicide Bomber’s Association with Lal Masjid Declared , Yet No Action against it

(FILES) In this picture taken 28 March 2JNN 24 Jan 2015 TAXILA: Preliminary investigation has revealed that Kosar Ali, the suicide bomber who blew himself up at a police picket in Wah on Tuesday, had been a student at the seminary in Lal Masjid. Continue reading

IJT is Harboring and Sheltering Militants in University Hostels : PU VC

Punjab University , Lahore  , PunjabJNN 19 Sept 2013 LAHORE : Islami Jamiat Talba, the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, is harbouring militants in the Punjab University hostels and had sheltered the Al-Qaeda operative arrested from the varsity hostel last Saturday. Dr Mujahid Kamran, the university’s vice chancellor, said on Tuesday. Continue reading

Buddhist mob attacks a mosque 12 injured in Colombo , Sri Lanka

Srilankan Mosque vandalised by Buddhist MonksJNN 19 Aug 2013 COLOMBO – A Buddhist mob attacked a mosque in Sri Lanka’s capital and at least 12 people were injured, the latest in a series of attacks on the minority Muslim community by members of the Buddhist majority. Continue reading

Despite Uncontrollable Terrorism Imported Mobile Phone Guns easily available in Pakistani Markets

Mobile Phone GunsJNN 08 Aug 2013 KARACHI:Security officers while checking luggage and people passing through at the airport, they were shocked to see a person carrying a mobile phone which was though not a mobile device but a 22 bore Gun.

It had a capacity to fire maximum 4 bullets from the help of the keypad in the phone. This mobile plus gun device has put European Government in a great shock and confusion.

Mobile Phone Guns’ the Guns very similar to Cell Phones are now easily available in Peshawar in “Karkahnu Bazar” in Rs. 30,000 only , it can fire 4 bullets in row and the Keypad of the Cell Phone can be used as Trigger.

Pakistan’s Top spy agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has written a letter to the Law enforcement Agencies and concerned departments about the ‘Mobile Phone Guns’ available in Peshawar according to a report published in local paper today.

Pakistan Premier Intel Agency has wrote that these Cell Phone Guns can be used against Top Politicians and top social workers. ISI has suggested the measures to the concerned departments regarding the ‘Control of selling of Phone Guns” in Peshwar.

ISI has Wrote that Security officers at Airports and FIA Officials should take special care while checking the cell phones devices. These Cell Phone Guns had been in use of many Intelligence agencies but it’s first time that these are easily available in open market.

“These guns are reportedly of European origin and look just like a normal cellular phone but can fire 4 rounds of 0.22 caliber in quick succession using just the keypad,” said an intelligence source citing details of the warning received through the ISI communiqué.

Among other threats, the spy agency sees a serious danger to the lives of senior government functionaries and political leaders. The guns, as the source said, could easily be used as a tool to target people from a very close range.

“Since the gun looks like a cell phone, there is a strong possibility that terrorists may use it in places where they cannot get through with a conventional weapon,” said the source.

The mobile phone guns are believed to have been manufactured in Yugoslavia or Croatia. The antennae of the gutted phones function as gun barrels and the numbers 5 through 8 on the keypad work as triggers. Security experts say the cell phone guns, as well as other improvised explosive devices, can be detected by screening equipment now in use at airports internationally.

“Considering the details of the guns and its improvisation, strict checks have been recommended to keep eye on arms being smuggled into Pakistan,” he said.

Mobile Phone Guns. a


Supreme Court of Pakistan Orders Action against Taliban

JNN 04 Nov 2012 Karachi : A day after Pakistani Taliban  Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan threatened to attack leaders of a powerful political group in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi, the country’s Supreme court Saturday ordered the law enforcement agencies to take infiltration of the militants in the city seriously, local media reported. Continue reading

8 Shia Hazara Martyred 5 Targeted by TTP Men , while 3 by Police firing on Protesters in Quetta

JNN 29 Mar 2012 QUETTA: At least 5 ShiaHazara Community members were  Targeted and Martyred by Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan Terrorist and six others sustained injuries, when a van carrying people belonging to the Shia Hazara community was ambushed on Spini road in Quetta Thursday morning. while after the Incident as the Shia Hazara Community Member enraged over the incident were Protesting , The Brutal Crack Down of Police on the Protesters claimed 3 more lives of Shia Hazara Men.  Continue reading