Atleast 60 Shia resident of a Syrian Village Massacared By the Foreign Sponsored Terrorists

Foreign Infested Terrorist in SyriaJNN 13 June 2013 Damascus : Atleast Sixty Shia Muslim residents of a Syrian village in east of the country have been massacred by foreign-sponsored terrorists. Continue reading

Syrian forces Victory in re capturing the Strategic Town of Qusayr, A Major Blow to the US ,and Allied Pro Israel Arab States

Iran hails Syria over Qusayr liberationJNN 6 June 2013 Damascus : Syria’s army has taken full control of the strategic town of Qusayr near the Lebanese border after an offensive against foreign-backed militants that lasted almost three weeks. Continue reading

Terrorist carry out mass bomb attack in east Syria, while terrorist groups in Lebanon shell Syrian Army positions

Car-bomb-attack-jolts-Syria’s-Deir-al-ZourJNN 19 Mar 2013 Damascus : Foreign-backed Terrorist in Syria have carried out a huge car bomb attack and stormed a landmark building in the eastern city of Deir el-Zour. Terrorist groups inside Lebanon have shelled Syrian Army positions near the Lebanese border, where Damascus is beefing up its military forces, Press reports. Continue reading

Qatar, Saudi, U.S.responsible for terrorism in Syria , by financing the Rebels

JNN 17 May 2012 Damascus : Syrian rebels have begun receiving significantly more and better weapons in recent weeks, an effort paid for by Persian Gulf nations and coordinated in part by the United States, according to opposition activists and U.S. and foreign officials, The Washington Post reported. Continue reading