12,000 Egyptian Activist Tried in Military Courts after the Ouster of Hosni Mubarrak

JNN 09 Sep 2011 : Egyptian activists have released a report that reveals 12,000 civilians have been tried in military courts since the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, Press  reports. Continue reading

Taliban recruit Ex Army Men involved in GHQ Attack gets Death sentence , while others gets life imprisonment

ISLAMABAD, Aug 13: A military court in Rawalpindi has sentenced to death a former soldier over an attack in 2009 on the Pakistan Army Headquarters (GHQ) and awarded prison terms to the others. Continue reading

Bahrain Military Court issues Death Sentence to 4 and Life Imprisonment to 3 Shia Protesters

JNN 28 April 2011 : Bahrain’s military court has sentenced four anti-government protesters to death,and three others for Life Imprisonment in a move to further crush the ongoing revolutionary movement in the small Persian Gulf country. Continue reading