Buddhist Extremists Raid Muslim Village, Destroy Mosque in Central Myanmar

Budhist Mob attack Muslim Village in YangoonJNN 28 June 2016 A group of about 200 Buddhist extremists have raided a Muslim village in central Myanmar, destroying parts of a mosque and forcing residents to seek refuge overnight in a police station. Continue reading

Suspected Wahabi Suicide Bomber Kills 16 Muslim Praying at the Mosque in Maiduguri , Nigeria

JNN 01 June 2015 Abuja : A Suspected Wahabi Boko Haram suicide bomber who managed to beat all security checks and got to a mosque inside Maiduguri market, by pretending to be a hawker, killed 16 persons and injured nearly 30 others, witnesses said. Continue reading

Mosques vandalized & Attacked in Europe and US

Anti Muslim Attacks on the rise in FranceJNN 22 Apr 2015 Frankfurt : A mosque was set on fire in Germany on Tuesday morning in the university city of Witten, located in the district of North Rhine-Westphalia. Another Mosque was vandalized in Oklahama, US .

German daily DerWesten reported that an identified man was filmed from inside the mosque on Monday night at around 23:30 local time entering the mosque and pouring the contents of a gasoline can in the prayer room. After he reportedly set the gasoline on fire, he fled the scene using the entrance gate of the mosque. The man was reported to have entered the building from the back, via its window.

There were four families with children living in the building, but fortunately, the fire extinguished by itself. One of those living in the mosque, Veysel Arslan discovered that the smoke had filled the praying room as he woke up to morning prayer.

The police seized the crime scene and experts are examining the burn marks. Xenophobic attack has not been excluded from the investigation.

In recent months acts of Islamophobia have been on the rise in Germany.

Oklahoma Mosque Vandalized

Before Sunday prayer service, raw bacon was discovered by a child at a local mosque in Edmond, US State of Oklahoma.

“I always felt safe here. I always felt it was a comfortable place to go,” Adam Soltani, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) executive director, said.

On Sunday, vandals tossed bacon along the doorway of an Edmond mosque near the University of Central Oklahoma.

“Someone would have to know that according to the Islamic faith, pork is not allowed for Muslims to eat, so it sends a message that they know that and that they want to offend,” said Soltani.

Students are shocked to see this happen in their community.

“It’s really disgusting, actually. I just don’t understand why people would do that,” Erick Larson, a student at the University of Central Oklahoma, said.

“Whenever we see a surge in anti-Muslim rhetoric and speech in a local community, it seems to be coupled with unfortunate incidents of hate crimes and vandalism,” Soltani said.

This isn’t the first time a mosque has been targeted in the metro. In 2012, vandals shot paint balls at the Grand Mosque of Oklahoma City.

In 2013, surveillance video was released showing a suspect painting racial slurs on the walls of another metro mosque. Both were investigated as hate crimes.

“I think with each incident, the concern grows even stronger,” Soltani said.

The mosque filed a police report with Edmond.

At the same time, CAIR has contacted the FBI in hopes they will investigate this latest incident.

Anti Muslim Sentiment Give Rise to attacks in France

Abdallah Zekri, the head of the Observatory said in a statement that anti-Muslim acts rose by 500 percent, compared to the same period in 2011, the World Bulletin reported.

“Never since the establishment of the Observatory in 2011 have Islamophobic acts known such an implosion of actions or threats, especially on social networks,” Zekri said.

Zekri stated there were 222 anti-Muslims acts during the 1st quarter of 2015, (56 attacks and 166 threats) against a total of 37 acts in 2014 – ” An increase of 500 percent,” said Zekri.

Zekri added that the number of anti-Muslims acts in January 2015 reached 178.

He explained that the “burst” was mainly due to the deadly attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Jan. 7, followed by a hostage situation in a kosher supermarket two days later, leaving a total 17 people dead.

“However, those horrific and terrifying crimes cannot justify under any circumstances the steep rise of hatred or revenge against Muslims in France,” stressed Zekri.

“They (Muslims of France) are not responsible or guilty of committing these terrorist acts that devastated the country,” he added.

Zekri said the assaults targeted men and women, generally in public places and transportation, and in some instances pregnant women.

He also said that in certain cases, targeting mainly places of worship , grenades and firearms had been used.

“This is simply racism and rejection of men and women who aspire to just be respected,” said Zekri.

“Does the motto of the Republic ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’ make any sense? Unfortunately, the question (must be asked),” added Zekri.

Zekri went on to accuse political leaders of remaining silent in the face of such an increase of anti-Muslim acts.

“All this happens without any reaction from politicians, who, instead of denouncing, try to find excuses,” he said.

Zekri said that the political silence fed radicalization and pushed youths to leave to join extremist and terrorist groups.

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Babri Masjid Massacre Revisited – Mosques are not Religious Places , so can be demolished Any time – Indian Hindu Leader

BJP leader Subramanian SwamyJNN 23 Mar 2015 ASSAM –A leader of the far-right Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has triggered a new controversy with his statement that mosques and churches are not religious places, and that they can be demolished any time. Continue reading

Zionist Occupant Regime Turn Ancient Historic Mosque into Museum

Zionist Regime turns Ancient Mosque into a MuseumJNN 26 Dec 2014 Jerusalam – Zionist regime authorities in the city of Beersheba, in a symbolic gesture, have recently converted an historic mosque into a museum, despite the fact that 10,000 local Muslims still have no place to pray. Continue reading

7th Century Chinese Mosque Revealed , A Mix of Chinese and Arabic Architecture

7th Century Chinese Huaisheng MosqueJNN 11 Nov 2014 Beijing : Whenever one goes to mosques around the world, one expects to see Islamic architectural designs containing minarets with geometrical sequences and a dash of Arabic calligraphy, whether it be in Andalusia Spain, Turkey, or even the outskirts of Africa.

However, in China this is not necessarily the case. We do see traces of Arabic calligraphy yet coupled with Chinese calligraphy a sight of two blended forms of art never thought to be seen. The blend between two cultures does not just stop there, but rather, it is further shown in the infrastructure, where instead of the typical Islamic geometrical minarets, there are tilted tiled roofs that are complementary to the Chinese traditional styled temples that are famously seen in martial arts movies.

The sight not only leaves Muslim tourists awe-struck but rather local non-Muslim inhabitants, as the blend of Arabic calligraphy and designs is something new to them where their land of familiarity becomes a land of ambiguity due to how there is no clear cut answer over which culture is more defined—the one of the Arabs or the Chinese.
The Merge of two artistic cultures

Islam was introduced to China during the 7th century, through some of the companions of the prophet. It was reported that Sa’ad ibn Aby Waqqas, one of the ptophet’s companions was one of the first Muslims to set foot in China in the 630s where he and other Muslims built a mosque in the outskirts of Guangzhou that is known as Huiasheng Mosque.

The mosque was established to commemorate Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Thus, it was given the name, Huaisheng, which means, “remember the sage.”
The mosque has however also been known as the “light tower mosque,” due to the 1300-year old minaret, which was used as a beacon for boats on the Zhujiang river.

It is said that whenever the sailors would see the tower, they would know that they arrived at the “silk road,” which was a place for trade. The tower was also used as a call to prayer, and a means to check the weather conditions.

There have been reports that the mosque was rebuilt twice. The first time in 1350, during the Yuan dynasty, and, the second time in 1965 under the Qing dynasty, after being destroyed in a fire. The 1300 year old minaret was however left the same ever since first built, which has been used to symbolize how Islam was present in China long enough to be considered part of both Islamic and Chinese history.

Characteristics of the mosque

Huaisheng mosque’s Chinese architectural style that complements the Arabic-minaret-mosque-featured style is most specifically from the Tang dynasty. The blend of both Arabic culture and Chinese culture gives the mosque a unique taste, which makes it attractive for both tourists and local inhabitants.

The mosque’s gateway tower has the inscription of Chinese calligraphy that reads, “Religion that holds in great esteem the teachings brought from the Western region.” The Western region in this context means Saudi Arabia—the place where prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) came from—due to the direction of Saudi Arabia being towards China’s West.

The roof of the corridors has Arabic calligraphy containing Qur’anic verses and the Kalimah, which further shows the merge of both Arabian and Chinese culture within the mosque’s infrastructure.

The red-brick gate mosque has 6 important components, one being the light tower, prayer hall, the ablution area, corridors, storehouse of Islamic scriptures, and the stone steles pavilion, which contains manuscripts and calligraphy. All of the corridors and infrastructure consists of a green-sculpted and titled roof, which is both customary and complementary to the Chinese architecture style.

Huaisheng Mosque Today

The mosque was of great benefit for Muslims and sailors in the past that it brings the question of its use today.

There has been the rise of business from traders across the globe that go to Guangzhou via the seaport as it’s near the international financial hub Hong Kong. This has thus brought forth a lot of Muslims from different cultures that take the time to pray in the blessed mosque whenever taking business breaks during the day. Muslims of different races can also be seen in the differed array of cultured food stands that are placed outside.

The streets near the mosque and the mosque itself are usually crowded on Fridays because hundreds of Muslims pray Jumm’ah and later spend time doing Dhikir in circles or who share food from different stalls from across the streets.

This has interested the local non-Muslim inhabitants to be part of the integrated environment where some come to the mosque out of curiosity. Moreover, local Muslim inhabitants and Muslim business tourists usually go to the mosque to either pray or take a break during the day, while attempting to understand the foreign language from the West so that they both could understand the words of Allah and combine two cultured forms of art.

A form of practice that has been followed like generations before them, where some of the companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) came to trade, only to introduce to the local inhabitants an esteemed religion from the West that was to them once unknown.

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1st ever Mosque to Be Built in Pyatigorsk , Russia

1st  Mosque in Piyatgorsk , CaucasusJNN 25 May 2014 Moscow : A working group of representatives of the Government of Stavropol region and apparatus of the Russian presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District with the assistance of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the region have identified the place of a new mosque construction. Continue reading

Cuba’s First Mosque Approved

Ortakoy Mosque Model to be Built in Havana , CubaJNN 02 May 2014 Havana : The Cuban government has approved plans for the country’s first mosque after Turkey’s Religious Affairs Foundation (TDV) sent a delegation to Cuba to discuss building a place of worship for Muslims in its capital Havana. Continue reading

Christians Militias Looting Mosques and Killing Muslims in CAR

Central African RepublicJNN 16 Feb 2014 Bangui : Moving from area to another, Christian mobs have been targeting Muslim places of worship in central Africa, killing Muslims and looting their belongings, as violence rocked the restive country. Continue reading

Australian Muslim Man Stabbed to Death By an attacker at the Mosque in Melbourne

Police at the Broadmeadows Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre on Thursday.JNN 06 Dec 2013 Melbourne : Australian Muslims woke up on Thursday, December 5, to the horrible news of the death of a Muslim man who was stabbed along with two other Muslim worshippers inside a Melbourne mosque. Continue reading

Christian Angolan Govt. Demolishes Mosques , But Later Back Tracks on its Ban on Islam in the Country

Angola gov’t demolishes mosques, bans IslamJNN 01 Dec 2013 Luanda : The government in Angola has reportedly demolished Several mosques in the country after giving the impression that practicing Islam is illegal in the country. Continue reading

New Mosques Built in the Remotest areas of Europe , UK , and Far East ,to facilitate the Muslims of the Area

Imam Reza Mosque in New Zealand

Imam Reza Mosque in New Zealand

JNN 9th Sept 2013 Brussels : With the ever rising Population of Muslims around the World , the Need  of Mosques has also risen in the Remotest areas of the World , where Islam is a New Religion for the Masses of the Land . But as the Muslim Population has grown to a such Number that Mosques are needed so New Mosques are being Built , to facilitate the Muslims living in those areas , whether it may be Europe , United Kingdom or the African Continent. Continue reading

Bahraini Shia Organised a Week to Denounce the Destruction of Mosques by the Al Khalifa Regime

Bahriani Shia Pray on the Site of Demolished Mosque by Al Khalifa Monarchy aJNN 11 Apr 2013 Manama : Bahraini Shia Muslims citizens showed their confirmed determination and participated in the prayers Organized on the demolished Mosques sites  across Bahrain as part of a campaign ” The highlight the atrocities of the Al Khalifa Wahabi Monarchy who have demolished Several mosques for their Personal Benefits ,to save their Unjust rule of Oppresion And discrimination. In this regard they have Organised “  Demolished Mosques week in Bahrain” titled ” strives to ruin them” ( war on religious freedoms), from 5-11 April,2013 to mark the second anniversary of mosques demolition when more than 38 mosques had been demolished by the regime in Bahrain. Continue reading

Ancient Mosque in Greece Re Opens after 90 Years of closure, Another Planned in Athens

A 111 year-old mosque in Thessaloniki, GreeceJNN 11 Apr 2013 Athens : A 111 year-old mosque in Thessaloniki, Greece has opened its doors to Muslim worshippers for the first time in 90 years at the same time a planned mosque in Athens is moving closer to reality. Continue reading

A Muslim Man Stabbed By Racist Outside Mosque in Queen’s New York

JNN 19 Nov 2012 New York ; It was a moment of horror for a Muslim man who was savagely attacked outside his mosque by a crazed assailant who shouted ‘I’m going to kill you, Muslim’ as he stabbed him on Sunday morning. Continue reading

A Muslim Man Stabbed By Racist Outside Mosque in Queen's New York

JNN 19 Nov 2012 New York ; It was a moment of horror for a Muslim man who was savagely attacked outside his mosque by a crazed assailant who shouted ‘I’m going to kill you, Muslim’ as he stabbed him on Sunday morning. Continue reading

Shiite Mosque Burnt , Imam embraced Martyrdom in Belgium

JNN 13 Mar 2012 Brussels : A man set fire to a mosque in Brussels on Monday, killing its 47-year-old  Imam and injuring another in an arson attack that destroyed the Ground Floor , while the Second Floor of the Mosque was Partially burnt. Continue reading

Shiite Mosque Burnt , Imam embraced Martyrdom in Belgium

JNN 13 Mar 2012 Brussels : A man set fire to a mosque in Brussels on Monday, killing its 47-year-old  Imam and injuring another in an arson attack that destroyed the Ground Floor , while the Second Floor of the Mosque was Partially burnt. Continue reading

Shia community in Quetta Mourns ,on Eid ul Fitr over the Blast ,which killed atleast 11 , while several others Injured

JNN 31 Aug 2011 Quetta : A powerful blast killed at least 11 Shia community members and injured 22 others when a bomb was detonated on Gulistan Road  in the Murriabad area of  Quetta , Out side a Shite Mosque , from where the Momineen were returning home after the Eid ul Fitr Prayers on Wednesday. Continue reading

Mosques can be built in Georgia in exchange of Rehabilitation of Churches in Turkey

JNN 26 Jan 2011 Tiblisi : Georgia’s President Mikheil Saakashvili  affirmed yesterday on national television the right of the country’s Muslims to have mosques constructed for them in exchange for the rehabilitation of our churches in Turkey.

“By refusing to build mosques in Georgia, we are refusing the hundreds of thousands of Muslims living on our territory of their right to be Georgian citizens,” Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili told the television channel last night. Continue reading

Hindu businessman to build mosque in Kerala , India

JNN 17 Jan 2011 Manama: A Qatar-based Hindu businessman is building a mosque in India’s Kerala state with the aim of promoting communal harmony.

According to CK Menon, the mosque in Kozhikode will be the first to be built in the state by a Hindu in over 1,200 years. Continue reading

Muslims Offer Prayers at the Site of Demolished Delhi Mosque


JNN 14 Jan 2011 Delhi : After a few hours of normalcy Thursday, a crowd of over 100 men and women gathered at the site of a mosque in south Delhi that was demolished as an illegal structure a day earlier. They offered prayers and shouted slogans against the authorities. Continue reading