Pakistani Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Ex-President Musharraf

Ex Pakistani President Pervez-Musharraf Arrest Warrants IssuedJNN 12 Sept 2015 Islamabad : An anti-terrorism court in Pakistani capital Islamabad on Friday issued an arrest warrant for former president Pervez Musharraf for ordering house arrest of judges of different courts of the country in 2007, local media reported. Continue reading

Pakistan’s Court Allows Ex President Musharraf to Leave the Country

Pakistan court allows Musharraf to leave the countryJNN 12 June 2014 Karachi : A court in Pakistan’s southern city of Karachi has ordered the government to remove former military ruler Pervez Musharraf’s name from a no-fly list in 15 days’ time, his lawyer has said. Continue reading

Ex Pakistani President Pervez Musharaf survives another Assassination attempt

Ex President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharaf survives another Assassination attemptJNN 04 April 2014 Islamabad : Pakistan’s former President Pervez Musharraf, who is on trial for alleged treason, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt as a bomb went off shortly before his convoy was due to pass early Thursday, police said. Continue reading

The Biased Pakistani court orders Musharraf’s arrest , suffering from Severe Heart Disease

Ex President of Pakistan General Pervaiz Musharaf aJNN 02 Feb 2014 ISLAMABAD — A court in Pakistan on Friday ordered the arrest of former President Pervez Musharraf in a high treason case as he has not appeared in the court despite several orders, court officials said. Continue reading

Musharraf falsely accused in another case charged with murder of Benazir Bhutto

Ex President of Pakistan General Pervaiz MusharafJNN 21 Aug 2013 RAWALPINDI – A court in Pakistan charged former military ruler Pervez Musharraf on Tuesday with the 2007 murder of Benazir Bhutto in an unprecedented move likely to anger the army and his supporters , the Number of whom are increasing on daily basis , as they are dejected by the performance of rulers after him . Continue reading

Musharraf to face treason trial, Pakistani PM Nawaz Shariff says

Pervaiz Musharaf in Court CaseJNN 25 June 2013 ISLAMABAD  — Pakistan’s Newly Elected Prime minister Nawaz Shariff aid Monday that the government plans to put the military ruler who ousted him in a coup over a decade ago on trial for treason, setting up a possible clash with the country’s powerful army. Continue reading

Former Pakistani President Ex General Pervez Musharraf Arrested , on case Politically Motivated

Pervez Musharraf arrestedJNN 18 Apr 2013 ISLAMABAD — Former Pakistani President Ex General Pervez Musharraf criticized allegations against him as “politically motivated” Friday, following his arrest in a case involving his decision to fire senior judges while in power. Continue reading

Pakistani Biased Judiciary Disqualifies ex-President Musharraf for Elections 2013

Pervez-Musharraf Back in PakistanJNN 16 Apr 2013 ISLAMABAD – Courts in Pakistan have disqualified former President Pervez Musharraf for contesting parliamentary elections for suspending the constitution and imposing emergency in 2007 during his rule, lawyers said Tuesday. Continue reading

Musharraf Returns Back Home , after 4 years in a self Imposed Exile

Ex Pakistani President Musharaf Returns HomeJNN  24 Mar 2013 Karachi – Pakistan’s former President Pervez Musharraf returned home on Sunday after a self-exile for over four years to take part in the May 11 parliamentary elections, in defiance of death threats from TTP, left Pakistan in 2008 and has been living in London and Dubai since then. 

A plane, carrying Musharraf, leaders of his party and media persons from Dubai, landed at the port city of Karachi at 12: 45 p. m. local time where his supporters accorded him warm welcome.

On Saturday, Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) said in a video that the militant group had prepared a “death squad” to kill Musharraf. but he downplayed the threats and said he has been facing the dangers since 2001.

TTP are also the Killers of Thousands of Shia Men , And as a rule the enemy of our enemy is our friend.

As he was the Only person who Openly condemned Jihadi Groups Like , TTP, SSP and other allied groups and waged a War Against them , which includes his Positive action by conducting a Operation Clean up on The Red Mosque in Islamabad , which was a den of Terrorist , and were about to take the control of Pakistan’s Capital Islamabad , But he crushed them force fully, and he still doesn’t regret his decision , as this action of his was highly criticized & Politicized by the Pakistani Bias Main Stream Media & the Politician who support the Taliban , which tows the US Policies , instead of Protecting the Pakistani Interest .

The authorities in Karachi canceled permission of Musharraf’s rally at the mausoleum of the founder of the nation over security concerns and his party’s leaders agreed that he will speak to his supporters at the Karachi airport.

He had been living in exile in Britain and the United Arab Emirate since he resigned from his post in August 2008.

Musharraf, 69, had previously announced on several occasions that he would return home, but he had postponed the plan.

A court in Pakistan on Friday granted protective bail to Musharraf, who had been facing arrest in several cases.

The 14-day-long protective bail was granted in response to a constitutional petition submitted to the court by Musharraf’s daughter Ayla Raza Musharraf on behalf of her father.

An anti-terrorism court had issued arrest warrant in 2011 for Musharraf in connection with the murder of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Last October a court also issued a warrant for his arrest over the killing of Baloch nationalist leader Akbar Bugti in a military operation in August 2006.

Musharraf, who ruled Pakistan from 1999 to 2008, has also been charged with ordering a military raid on the Taliban-linked Red Mosque in Islamabad during his term.

He dismissed all charges as politically-motivated and said in Dubai on Saturday that he would defend himself in courts on return.

Pakistani Taliban on Saturday issued a video, warning against his return,

He also planned to run election campaign for his All Pakistan Muslim League party and to contest for a National Assembly seat in the May 11 elections.

“My return is in the interest of Pakistan. The country’s future is at stake and there is a need of a positive change in the country,” Musharraf told a news conference in Dubai ahead of his return

Former President Pervez Musharaf All Set to Return to Pakistan Before Elections

Pervez-MusharrafJNN 02 Mar 2013 DUBAI  – Pakistan’s former President Pervez Musharraf said on Friday he would return home this month after almost three years in Dubai and take part in a forthcoming parliamentary election.

Parliament is due to be dissolved by March 16, after which an interim administration will take over to oversee the run-up to the election to be held within 90 days.

Musharraf seized power in a 1999 coup and briefly imposed a state of emergency in Pakistan before resigning in 2008.

“I have decided to return to Pakistan within a week of the formation of the interim government,” he told reporters in Dubai, saying he believed this would take place on March 16.

Asked if he planned to run for president, Musharraf said: “The presidency will come at a later stage. Now I’m going back for the parliamentary elections and hope my party does well.”

Some media reports have said Musharraf, who faces the threat of arrest in Pakistan on charges that he failed to provide adequate security to former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto before her assassination in 2007, will seek Saudi help in obtaining guarantees that he will not be detained. As he owes some favours from the Saudi Monarchy on whose Persistence he acquitted the then Prime Minister Nawaf Shariff of Capital Punishment , awarded to him by the Highest Court of the Country On account of treason. And Rather let him go to Saudi Arabia for an Exile of 10 years .

“I don’t see any reason why I should be arrested,” Musharraf said. “We will see what will happen when I land in the airport and take action according to that.”