Buddhist Top Brass Conspiracy of Muslims Massacare in Myanmar

Myanmar's Madressa where 40 Muslims were Killed on 21 March , 2013JNN 16 Apr 2013 Yangoon : Eyewitnesses to a massacre at an Islamic school say it was carried out by Buddhists, and many contend it stems from a coordinated effort with ties to the top Army Brass , which is fanning sectarianism in Yangoon , for their  Personal gains as the Muslims holds a big chunk of Businesses In Myanmar , which the Budhist fear may lead to Islamisation of Myanmar. Continue reading

Security forces and Extremist Buddhists set ablaze Muslims’ homes in Myanmar


JNN 12 Aug 2012 Yangoon : Myanmar security forces and Buddhist extremists are torching Rohingya Muslims’ houses in the Rakhin state. Continue reading

Rohingya Muslim Refugees discriminated by UNHCR in India , while Bangladesh bans Charity Organisations aiding Rohingya Refugee’s

JNN 03 Aug 2012 Mumbai : Displaced Rohingya Muslims living in India say the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is not providing them with the same basic services other refugees are enjoying, Press reports. Continue reading