Protest and Anger after attacks on Muslim Women in Paris , France

French Muslims Protest over the Racist Attack on Muslim womenJNN 20 June 2013 Paris : Thousands of protesters gathered outside the town hall in Argenteuil near Paris on Friday of last week. They were enraged and upset after a series of racist attacks against Muslim women. Continue reading

Buddhist Top Brass Conspiracy of Muslims Massacare in Myanmar

Myanmar's Madressa where 40 Muslims were Killed on 21 March , 2013JNN 16 Apr 2013 Yangoon : Eyewitnesses to a massacre at an Islamic school say it was carried out by Buddhists, and many contend it stems from a coordinated effort with ties to the top Army Brass , which is fanning sectarianism in Yangoon , for their  Personal gains as the Muslims holds a big chunk of Businesses In Myanmar , which the Budhist fear may lead to Islamisation of Myanmar. Continue reading

Pakistani Becomes First Muslim Women to become a Member of Australian Parliament

Australian MP Mehreen-FaruqiJNN 10 Apr 2013 Melbourne :Making history in the multicultural country, a Pakistani-origin Muslim has been appointed as the first Muslim woman in any Australian parliament, breaking new grounds for politics in New South Wales. Continue reading