Tunisian Islamist government accepts plan to step down in Pressure of secular

Tunisian Ennahda party official Lotfi ZitounJNN 01 Oct 2013 Tunis :Tunisia’s government has agreed to resign after upcoming negotiations with the secular opponents in a bid to put an end to the ongoing political impasse in the North African country. Continue reading

US & Saudi’s gathered 130K foreign terrorist from 49 countries to Uproot Syrian Govt , but failed

Syria rebels threatened by their al-Qaeda partnersJNN 25 Sept 2013 New York : Approximately 130,000 non-Syrian armed militia belonging to 49 nationalities have come to Syria to fight against the Syrian government. Continue reading

Revolutionary winds takes thousands of Moroccans along

JNN 20 Mar 2011 :Thousands took to the streets in cities across Morocco on Sunday demanding better civil rights and an end to corruption in the moderate North African country where the king this month promised constitutional reform. Continue reading