If Syria Falls, Palestine Will Fall: Hassan Nasrallah

Lebanese Leader Hassan NasrallahJNN 13 July 2015 Beirut : Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Hezbollah, reaffirmed the Lebanese resistance movement’s support for the Syrian fight against terrorism, saying that if Syria falls, so will Palestine. Continue reading

Saudi & Qatar’s Wahabi Monarchies , Stabbing in the Back of Muslim World By Bridging relations with Zionist Regime of Israel

King Salman & Sh. Thani Jewish PuppetsJNN 16 June 2015 Doha : The Race is ON , and Both the Wahabi Ruled States Qatar and Saudi Arabia are wasting no time in improving their ties with the Zionist regime of Israeli, a move tantamount to an act of treason against the Muslim World and especially the Palestinian issue, which the two countries have expressed verbal support for. Yet, it seems actions speak louder than words. Continue reading

Sweden Officially Recognizes Palestinian State, Israel recalls Ambassador

Sweden Recognizes Palestinian StateJNN 07 Nov 2014 : Sweden has recognized the occupied state of Palestine officially, according to its foreign ministry. The Scandinavian has become the first West-European EU state to recognize the territories. Israel has recalled its ambassador in Sweden. Continue reading

Once Again Ceasefire came into effect in the Gaza Strip

Cease Fire Once Again comes into effect in War Ravaged Gaza Strip , Palestine

JNN 26 Aug 2014 GAZA — A new Gaza ceasefire came into effect on Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. (0400 GMT), after an agreement reached Between Palestinian and Israeli authorities, brokered by Egypt, reached between Israel and the Palestinian factions, including Hamas movement. Continue reading

ISO & JSO Karachi Rallies to Protest the US & Israeli Brutalities

JNN 16 May 2011 Karachi : A Protest Rally was Organised by the Imamia Students Organisation to condemn the Hegemonial US Policies and to condemn the 63rd Foundation day of the Zionist State of Israel and to show the support to the Palestanian State , and also to condemn the US forces Operation on the Pakistani Land for the So called Operation Osama Bin Ladin on 1 May 2011, which breached the Soverignity of Pakistan. Continue reading

Argentina recognizes Palestinian state


JNN 06 Dec 2010 : Argentina has become the second Latin American state after Brazil to recognize Palestine as an independent state.

In a letter to acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas on Monday, Argentine President Cristina Kirchner wrote that her country recognizes Palestine as a “free and independent state” as defined by the 1967 borders, AFP reported.

On Friday, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry announced that Brasilia recognizes the Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.

The Brazilian announcement came in a public letter in response to a personal request by Abbas on November 24.

The Brazilian letter expressed support for the Palestinians’ quest for a homeland as a “legitimate aspiration of the Palestinian people for a secure, united, democratic and economically viable state.”

The move has infuriated officials in Tel Aviv.

US Congressman Eliot Engel criticized the Brazilian move and said, “Brazil’s decision to recognize Palestine is severely misguided and represents a last gasp by a Lula-led foreign policy which was already substantially off track.”

The international community backs Palestinian demands for a state in most of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem), all territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War.