Palestinian organs illegally Harvested By Israel

JNN 01 Sep 2011 : The Palestinian Authority Minister of Prisoner Affairs Issa Qaraqi’ was quoted Sunday as saying Israel is the “major harvesting and trading center” of body organs in the world. Continue reading

Hamas and Fatah to finalize unity government of Palestine

JNN 15 June 2011 CAIRO  – Palestinian Authority President Mahmud Abbas will meet Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal in Cairo next week to finalize a new government put together by the two factions, a top official of his Fatah movement said Tuesday.  Continue reading

Arab World Revolution starts bearing fruits , Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah signs a deal for Unity , to save the Gold Mine Gaza from Israel

JNN 01 May April :The politically divided Palestinian territories took a major step toward reconciliation Wednesday when the rival movements of Hamas and Fatah announced a deal to form a unity government, officials from both groups said. Continue reading