Israel Bans Palestinians from Entering al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel Restricts Palestenian from entering Al Aqsa MosqueJNN 19 Oct 2014 GAZA : Israeli authorities continue to restrict the access of Palestinians to the al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied West Bank for the third consecutive week. Continue reading

Once Again Ceasefire came into effect in the Gaza Strip

Cease Fire Once Again comes into effect in War Ravaged Gaza Strip , Palestine

JNN 26 Aug 2014 GAZA — A new Gaza ceasefire came into effect on Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. (0400 GMT), after an agreement reached Between Palestinian and Israeli authorities, brokered by Egypt, reached between Israel and the Palestinian factions, including Hamas movement. Continue reading

Israeli Military Broke , Demands More US Aid

Israeli Military BrokeJNN 14 May 2014 Tel Aviv : The Israeli regime has announced plans to forego its next military drills due to lack of funds, urging Washington to inject billions more of American tax-payer dollars into the aggressive regime following its failed talks with the Palestinian Authority, Al-Alam reported.  Continue reading

Granting of Syrian Seat to Opposition , Proves US influence on Arab League

AL Grants Syrian Seat to OppostionJNN 27 Mar 2013 Doha – The summit of Arab League on Tuesday granted Damascus’ seat to the Syrian opposition and acknowledged the right of the member countries to provide all means of self- defense to the Syrian opposition. Continue reading