Disastrous Typhoon Yolanda Hits Philippines, Death Toll expected to reach 10,000

Phlippine Typhoon Death Toll reaches 10,000JNN 10 Nov 2013 , TACLOBAN, Philippines — The death toll from one of the strongest storms on record that ravaged the central Philippine city of Tacloban could reach 10,000 people, officials said Sunday after the extent of massive devastation became apparent and horrified survivors spoke of storm surges as high as trees and winds sounding like the roar of a jumbo jet. Continue reading

Muslim Rebels Fleeing Southern City , as they Losing ground – Philippine Army

Muslim MNLF Rebels take over Southern City of PhilippinesJNN 19 Sept 2013 Manila : Muslim Rebels fighting against government forces in the southern Philippines appear to be losing ground, as the clashes in the city of Zamboanga entered its 10th day. Continue reading

Philippines Signs Peace Pact With Muslim Rebel Group


JNN 08 Oct 2012 Manila : The Philippine government and Muslim rebels agreed a deal to end a 40-year conflict that has killed more than 120,000 people, President Benigno Aquino said on Sunday, paving the way for a political and economic revival of the country’s troubled south. Continue reading

China, Russia launch first joint naval exercises , to Uphold Peace & Stability in the Region

JNN 22 April 2012 Shangshai : China and Russia have launched their first joint naval drill in the Yellow Sea off China’s east coast amid heightened tensions between Beijing and its Asian neighbors over maritime disputes. Continue reading