Chemical weapons deal is a “ Victory ” for Syrian Friends , As US has to Back Track on its War Phobia

Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal Hailed by Russia , Iran , SyriaJNN 16 Sept 2013 Damascus : In the country’s first response to the U.S.-Russia deal on Syria, a Syrian minister has declared the agreement a “victory” for his country and thanked Russia for orchestrating a chemical weapons deal to avert U.S. military action, Russia’s state-run news agency RIA Novosti reported. Continue reading

Syria not to fulfill any agreement until U.S. stops threatening: Assad

Syrian Chemical Weapons Not Controlled till US stop threatening AsadJNN 14th Sept.2013 MOSCOW — Syria will not fulfill agreement on chemical weapons control until the U.S. stops threatening it, President Bashar al-Assad said Thursday. Continue reading

Hamas Sorry for its Betrayal wants to pave its way back with Iran, Hezbollah

File picture shows Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei looking on as Hamas leader Meshaal speaks during official meeting in TehranJNN 22 Aug 2013 Gaza : Stunned by turmoil in neighboring Egypt and starved of funds, the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas is looking to repair damaged ties with its traditional Middle East allies, Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah party. Continue reading

Infighting among “ Foreign Jihadis ” & FSA , with insufficient supply of weapons strangled the Syrian Opposition, Syrian forces reclaiming the lost grounds 1 by 1

FSA Rebels being killed by Foreign Jihadis in SyriaJNN 16 July 2013 Damascus : The Free Syrian Army (FSA) has demanded more weapons from the international community to fight Al-Qaeda-linked groups, a day after one of its top commanders was killed by fighters from a rival group. Continue reading

Lebanese Army Soldiers attacked on Wahabi Cleric’s Call , 2 Killed Several Injured

Lebanese army attacked by Assir

JNN 26 June 2013 Beirut : Three Lebanese army officers and a soldier were killed on Sunday in a clash with supporters of a radical Wahabi sheikh opposed to the powerful Shiite movement Hezbollah, an army statement said. Continue reading

After Qusayr Syrian troops re-capture, adjoining villages and recaptures Golan Heights Crossing while US troops deployed along Jordan border

syrian Forces Captures Golan Crossing , while US Troops on Jordan BordersJNN 10 June 2013 Syrian troops, backed by Hezbollah fighters, pressed on with their offensive on Friday in the country’s militant heartland, taking two small villages near strategic town Qusayr that was captured by the government this week. While on the other side Syrian forces liberated the Quneitra Crossing – situated between Syria and the Golan Heights – after heavy clashes with the terrorist of anti-government gunmen.  Continue reading

With Hezbollah’s support to the Syrian Army , the foreign Infested terrorist giving SOS Signals to their Masters

Hezbollah Support for Syrain ArmyJNN 4 June 2013 Damascus : Syrian Government forces are continuing their assault on Qusayr. Syria army on Saturday continued to bombard rebel-held areas of the city bordering Lebanon, activists told Al Jazeera, as clashes raged between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and opposition fighters on several front lines. Continue reading

Suicide Blast Kills 10 ,injures 30 in Damascus

JNN 29 April 2012 Damascus : Suicide bombing has killed at least 10 people and injured nearly 30 outside a mosque in central Damascus. Three other smaller explosions have also been reported in the capital, killing 1 person. The explosions constitute another blow to a fraying UN-brokered truce between the government of President Bashar al-Assad and rebels fighting for his removal from power. Continue reading

Russia Warns West & Arab Nations against Arming Syrian Rebels – Whle Syrian forces Begun With drawl from Calm Cities

JNN 04 April 2012 Damascus  — Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned Western and Arab nations against arming foreign-backed opposition groups in Syria, saying this will lead to “slaughter for many years”. Continue reading