Obama wants to leave 9,800 troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014

US President Barak Obama in AfghanistanJNN 29 May 2014 Kabul : US President Barack Obama announced on Tuesday his intention to leave 9,800 troops in Afghanistan after the end of combat operations this year. Continue reading

Alarming Increase in the Sexual Assault cases in US Schools & Armed Forces

Sexual Assaults in US Armed ForcesJNN 07 May 2014 Washington D.C : On Tuesday, the White House released a one-minute PSA addressing rape on US college campuses, featuring a star-studded cast: Alongside President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden, the spot features actors Daniel Craig, Benicio del Toro, Dulé Hill, Seth Meyers, and Steve Carell, the Slate reported. Continue reading

USA a Threat to the World , Killed More than Ten Million People around the World

US CIA's trained Gurella fightersJNN 08 Jan 2014 New York : The United States of America has been voted as the most significant threat to world peace in a survey across 68 different countries. Anti-American sentiment was not only recorded in antagonistic countries, but also in many allied NATO partners like Turkey and Greece. Continue reading

US Default Once Again Delayed , While Chinese Yuan Ready to void the US$

US Debt DefaultJNN 18 Oct 2013 Washingoton: President Obama and Congress have signed off on extending the debt ceiling through to February. The new legislation only temporarily solves the US budget dispute, begging the question if America will ever limit its borrowing. Continue reading