Afghans Protest for the Withdrawal of US forces from Maidan Wardak Provinces

Afghans Protest for the Removal of US Forces from Maidan WardakJNN 20 Mar 2013 Kabul : Wardak residents stage a demonstration in Kabul, urging US Special Forces to leave their province. Continue reading

Afghan Govt Demands Withdrawal of US Forces from 2 Provinces , Due to their Involvement in creation of terrorist groups

Afghan President Hamid KarzaiJNN 25 Feb 2013 Kabul : The Afghan government has demanded the withdrawal of all US Special Forces on Sunday from the Wardak and Logar provinces within two weeks, accusing them of “harassing, torturing and murdering innocent civilians.” Continue reading

US favoured Muted stance of Taliban Leadership on Marines Urinating over Afghans corpse set Soldiers against Commanders

JNN 20 Jan 2012 KABUL: Taliban fighters in Afghanistan have been enraged by a video which shows US marines urinating on three corpses, believed to be insurgents, and some say they do not understand their leadership’s relatively measured response to the tape.  Continue reading

US & UK Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan are Morally Corrupt , UK soldiers involved in rape of Afghani Children

JNN 19 Jan 2012 Kabul : Two British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan have been accused of raping two children aged ten in the war-ravaged country, a report has revealed.  Continue reading

Talibaan Opening Office in Qatar , US releasing Talibaan Prisoners from Guantonamo Bay to get a share of a future Taliban Govt in Afghanistan

JNN 04 Jan 2012  Kabul : Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai has agreed to the opening of a liaison office by the Taliban militant group in Qatar, his office has announced. While The United States is set to release several Taliban leaders from the Guantanamo Bay prison after Washington struck a deal with the militant group agreeing to their opening of an office in Qatar. Continue reading

Ex Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani & Peace Council head killed by turban bomb

JNN 20 Sept 2011 KABUL: The head of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council, and former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani, who had been tasked with trying to negotiate a political end to the war, was killed on Tuesday evening, a senior police officer said. Continue reading

US forces helped Jail Breaks in Kandhar and Basra , to free Taliban and Al Qaeda prisoners , to unleash the reign of terror

JNN 27 April 2011 Afghan President Hamid Karzai says hundreds of inmates who have escaped from a central prison in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, must have received inside help. While the US force were guarding the Prison for the last four Months.At the same time An Iraqi investigative committee has confirmed that US forces were involved in the escape of a dozen al-Qaeda members from a prison in the southern city of Basra. Continue reading