Rangers Personnel firing at the funeral Procession Martyred 3 Young Shia Men

JNN 07 Nov 2012 Karachi : Late Tuesday Evening during the funeral Procession of Allama Aftab Haider Another 3 Young Shia Men S. Faraz. Haider .Rizvi  s/o S. Zia Haider Rizvi , 42 , Waseem Naqvi s/o S.Jaffar Ali Naqvi , 45 and Qasim Ali s/o Hassan Akhtar was shot by the Rangers firing at the Funeral Participants , who later scumb to their  injuries and embraced Martyrdom. Continue reading


6 Shia Men Martyred , 4 Slaughtered , 2 Martyred by Firing of LeJ’s Terrorist in Quetta & Sargodha

Shaheed Haseeb Ahmed so Ali Abbas , Allama Noor Ali Quetta

JNN 13 July 2012  Karachi : The Inept Government of Pakistan Once again failed miserably as 4 Shia Men were slaughtered by the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , 2 in Quetta and 2 in Sargodha, and 2 Men Martyred by the target Killing of Lashkar e Jhangvi Terrorist in the Provincial Capital , Quetta with in Last 48 Hrs. Continue reading