Not Only Muslims Fast , followers of Other Religions also fast

Fasting in the Religions of the World

JNN 29 June 2016 Karachi : For millions of Muslims around the world, the holy month of Ramadan is a time for reflection and abstinence. It is a time when those who follow Islam are supposed to clear their minds of distractions and dedicate more of their attention to their faith. Continue reading

Car bombs kill atleast 69 , injures 250 on Eid ul Fitr in Shia areas of Baghdad and across Iraq

Baghdad rocked By Car Bomb Blasts on the Eid Day 2013JNN 11 Aug 2013 BAGHDAD — At least 40 people were killed and 250 others wounded in a wave of violent attacks across Iraq on Saturday, mostly in the capital Baghdad, police said. Continue reading

Eid ul Fitr to be Celebrated by the Muslims across the World on Shawal 01, 1434

Eid Cresent 1432 HijriJNN 8 Aug , 2013 Karachi : Pakistan’s Central Ruat-e-Hilal Committee have held a meeting  at Karachi , and after analyzing the authenticity of the Moon Sighting witnesses from Different Parts of Pakistan , the Chairman of the Ruet e Hilal Commite announced the sighting of the Shawwal Moon, and announced that the Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated across Pakistan on Friday 9 Aug , 2013 Continue reading

65 people killed and 190 wounded in Iraq in series of Bomb Blasts, worst since 2008

65 Killed in Bomb Blasts around IraqJNN 22 July 2013 Baghdad : A wave of bombings on Saturday night in Baghdad province have killed 65 people and wounded 190, officials said. Iraq has seen its worst violence since 2008; over 520 people have died in July. Continue reading

A Difficult Fasting Ramzan Schedule for the Swedish Muslims , where Sun Never Sets in Summer

Mid nigth Sun Over the Artic BeltJNN 15 July 2013 Stockholm : Swedish Muslims north of the Arctic circle have long waited for and feared this summer. When the sun never sets, they have pondered how to observe Ramadan, when devout Muslims fast from sun up to sun down for a month. Continue reading

2 Killed Dozens Injured in Powerful Blast outside a Shia Neighborhood Mosque in Kohat , Pakistan

Blast Outside Mosque , Katcha Pakka area of Kohat Hangu Road , 11.07.13. bJNN 11 July 2013 Kohat :  At least two people were killed and another Dozen were injured when a high intensity bomb exploded outside a mosque in a shia neighborhood of  Kohat, a main city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Thursday. Pakistan’s first day of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, police said. Continue reading

British TV Channel Plans to Broadcast Azaan in the Holy Month of Ramzan

Channel 4 to Broadcast Azaan in RamzaanJNN 05 July 2013 London : Channel 4 plans to broadcast the three-minute Azaan , call to prayer daily at about 3am during the entire month of Ramadan. It will also include the sunrise and sunset prayer times during its weather reports. On the first day of the holy month, of Ramzan which is likely to fall on July 9, it plans to interrupt programing to mark all five calls to prayer. Continue reading

529 killed in exodus to reach home to celebrate Eid ul Fitr in Indonesia

JNN 22 Aug  2012 JAKARTA – Exodus to homeland for celebrating Islamic festivity, Eid al-Fitr, has already killed 529 people in 3, 452 traffic accidents in Indonesia, media quoting official reported here on Wednesday. Continue reading

China discourages fasting for Uighur Muslims

JNN 05 Aug 2012 BEIJING: China is discouraging some Muslims in the far western region of Xinjiang from fasting during Ramadan. The government says the move is motivated by health concerns, but others said Friday that it’s a risky campaign to secularize the Muslim minority. Continue reading

Iran enters the space age , will send monkey into space after month of Ramadan

JNN 02 Aug 2012 TEHRAN Iran plans to send a live monkey into space aboard a rocket called Kavoshgar-5 (explorer-5) after the month of Ramadan, Iran Space Agency (ISA) Director Hamid Fazeli announced on Wednesday.  Continue reading

The Shortest and the Longest Ramzan Fasting timing around the World

JNN 22 July 2012 Murmansk : Some Northern Russian Muslims will starts and Breaks Fast in the Sunlight this Ramzan.Agentina Muslim fasting for nine hours and is the shortest fasting times this year. The Danish Muslims must fast for 21 hours and is the longest time of fasting for Ramadan this year. Continue reading

Ramzan will start in Pakistan ,Iran, India and Majority of the Nations of the World from Saturday 21 July 2012

JNN 21 July 2012 Najaf : Grand Ayatollah Sistani announced that  Saturday is the first day of Ramadan in Iraq and neighbouring countries, Arabic countries, Australia, New Zealand, African Countries, America, South American countries and Countries in Central AmericaThe Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee in Pakistan announced on Friday that the moon of the holy month of Ramazan has been sighted in the country. Continue reading

Eid ul Fitr will be celeberated on 31 Aug 2011 , in Pakistan , India , Bangladesh

JNN 30 Aug 2011 : Today it was annonced that the strong evidence was provided of the Moon sighting from different parts of the country ,so after technical verification and Religious authentication by religious scholars of the area. It was announced from the Central Moon sighting commitee , which consist of all the member of all the sects , that the 1st Shawal ul Mukkaram 1432 Hijri , will be on 31st August ,2011.  Continue reading

1st Ramazan On Tuesday 2nd August , 2011, in Pakistan Iran and Other Parts of the World.

JNN 01 August 2011 : The fasting month of Ramadan begins in Pakistan , Iran and other parts of the world on Tuesday . As per Pakistan’s Roat e Hilal Committee’s Chairman Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman , as the crescent moon was spotted in different cities of Pakistan , So the 1st Ramzan will be observed on Tuesday 2nd August , 2011in Pakistan. Continue reading