Saudi Forces Kill 4 Anti-Regime Shia Activists in Eastern Province

4 Shia Men Killed by Saudi Regime ForcesJNN 26 Dec 2014 Riyadh : Saudi Regime forces in Saudi Arabia killed at least four people in the country’s volatile Eastern Province as Riyadh steps up its crackdown on dissent. Continue reading

Saudi crackdown leads to Deportation of 71,000, while Half a Million foreign workers voluntarily returns Home

Saudi Arabia in crisis over migrant workers deportationJNN 02 Dec 2013 Riyadh : Saudi Arabia has deported 71,118 “illegal” foreigners since its crackdown on migrant workers began on November 4, according to latest figures from the kingdom’s Passport Directorate. Continue reading

Saudi Monarchy Planning to execute the Jailed Top Shia Cleric in the coming Days

Saudi Protesters Demand Release of Shia Cleric Nemr Al NemirJNN 11 Nov 2013 TEHRAN – The Saudi authorities are planning to execute prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in the coming days, a group calling itself the Al-Qatif News Network said on its Arabic webpage on Facebook.  Continue reading

Thousands of Shia Men attends the Funeral of the Young Boy Killed by Saudi Forces

Shia Protest the Killing of the Shia Boy by Saudi ForcesJNN 11 Sept 2013 Riyadh : Thousands of people have attended the funeral ceremony of a young man killed in the eastern Saudi Arabian city of Awamiya during a crackdown on dissidents by regime forces. Continue reading

Saudi Religious Police building set on Fire By Unknown

Saudi Religious Police chasing Woman

JNN 03 Aug 2013 DUBAI – The entrance of a Saudi religious police building has been set on fire, Saudi media reported on Sunday, in a rare attack on a force criticized by the public for its heavy-handed tactics. Continue reading

Causes and Remedies to Boiling Saudi Revolution

Shia Uprising in Saudi ArabiaJNN 19 June 2013 Riyadh : The eastern region of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a deadly cycle of demonstrations, shootings, and detentions for more than two years. While Shia in the east share grievances with the rest of the country, simmering discontent is aggravated by a history of regime discrimination and provincial neglect. To stabilize the region, the regime must address the roots of dissent at both the local and the national levels. Continue reading

Saudi Royal Family Members involved in Murder to Bribery in UK , yet still under Impunity

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (R) and Qu

JNN 30 May 2013 London : In recent years revelations have been made concerning the involvement of members of Al Saud royal family in scandals in the UK ranging from murder to bribery despite the Saudi regime’s efforts to keep the veil of secrecy and the British government’s attempts to downplay the controversial affairs for the sake of its petro dollars.

In October 2010, a British court sentenced a Saudi prince to the maximum penalty of life in prison for murdering his servant.

Prince Saud Abdulaziz Bin Nasser, a grandson of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz, was jailed for killing Bandar Abdullah Abdulaziz in London’s Marylebone hotel on 15 February 2010, after subjecting him to a “sadistic” campaign of violence and sexual abuse.

In March 2013, however, Britain’s Ministry of Justice confirmed that the 36-year-old royal flew back to Saudi Arabia after he was granted a transfer to a prison in his homeland.

In June 2010, British Foreign Secretary William Hague also released details of crimes diplomatic staff were accused of, citing staff from the Saudi Arabian mission being suspected of human trafficking and sexual assault.

Moreover, in July 2011, a report showed the number of foreign diplomats and embassy staff in London being arrested over crimes is on the rise, with Saudi Arabia’s embassy topping the list.

According to the figures released by the Metropolitan Police, Saudi Arabia’s mission has produced the highest number of offenders, with four of its embassy staff nabbed for drink-drive charges and another for shoplifting.

Meanwhile, in July 2012, Saudi Princess Sara bint Talal bin Abdul Aziz claimed asylum in the UK over fears for her safety back home.

The princess went to the UK in 2007 after she fell out with her 80-year-old father Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

The political asylum request, which came weeks after the death of her uncle and main supporter Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, who was an opponent of her father, offered an insight into the tensions within the Saudi royal family.

In August 2012, Britain’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) opened an investigation into allegations that a British defence firm deposited millions of pounds into a bank account in Switzerland belonging to one of the members of the Saudi royal family.

The deposit was reported to have been made to ensure that British Ministry of Defence (MoD) would grant a two-billion pounds contract to GPT, a British wing of European Aeronautic Defense & Space (EADS).

The bribery allegations were first brought to light by Ian Foxley, former employee of GPT Special Project Management, who claimed he was sacked after telling the SFO that Saudi officials had been given jewellery, luxury cars and briefcases full of cash.

In 2004, the BBC revealed that secret slush funds were used by the UK’s leading arms maker, BAE Systems, to grease the wheels of the biggest arms deals in British history.

Prince Turki bin Nasser, the Saudi official in charge of the al-Yamamah deal, was found to have been the principal beneficiary of a £60 million slush fund paid through Traveller’s World, a West End travel agency.

The UK Serious Fraud Office launched an investigation into allegations of bribery relating to BAE and the Saudi royals. But the UK government stopped the probe, fearing that it could ruin lucrative arms contracts with Saudi Arabia.

The then British Prime Minister Tony Blair said in December 2006 that the fraud inquiry was being suspended as it was putting diplomatic cooperation between Riyadh and London at risk.

In 1985, the British and Saudi governments began negotiations on a series of unprecedented arms contract known as Al-Yamamah. However, allegations emerged that BAE Systems made corrupt payments totalling £6 billion to Saudi royals to secure the arms deal.

Prince Bandar, son of Prince Sultan, the Saudi Defence Minister also played a key role in negotiations for the deal. According to the reports, the deal brought more than $30 million (£15 million) to Bandar’s dollar account at Riggs Bank in Washington.

In March 2013, court papers showed Prince Mishal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, a former defense minister, and his son Prince Abdulaziz bin Mishal, were involved in a case of London-based company that allegedly facilitated money laundering.

According to contested allegations in court documents obtained by the Guardian and Financial Times, a brother and nephew of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz are embroiled in litigation with Jordanian businessman Faisal Almhairat over London-registered telecommunications company FI Call Ltd which they jointly owned.


Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Reported Clinically Dead

Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz DeadJNN 27 May 2013 Riyadh : The Zionist king of Saudi Arabia has been reported clinically dead, with vital organ failure. While it has yet to be confirmed, his time is short, and the only other heirs to the throne are old, ill, inexperienced, and the first heir may suffer from dementia. Continue reading

Saudi forces Arrests another Shia Cleric on charges of Espionage , while the Shia Arabian Women Held a Massive Demonstration in the Shiite Majority area

Saudi Shia Women ProtestersJNN 27 May 2013 Riyadh : Saudi security forces have arrested another Shia cleric Sheikh Hassan al-Ziyad in the country on charges of espionage for Iran. While Shia Women also Held a Massive Demonstration in the Eastern Oil Rich Province of Qateef, for the release of all Political Prisoners and in Solidarity with the Bahraini Shia Population ,who are suppressed by the Al Khalifa Regime. Continue reading

Saudi Man dies of Self Immolation , while the Religious Police closes down the Quran learning centers in Shiite Area

Saudi Poor Citizens Demand JusticeJNN 21 May 2013 RIYADH, – A Saudi Arabian vegetable seller, who set himself on fire in the capital Riyadh on Thursday to express discontent over social and economic injustices in the kingdom, has died. Continue reading

Arabian Shiite Warns the Saudi Govt against Prosecutor’s demand of Death Penalty to the Shia Cleric

Protest for the Release of Saudi Shia Cleric Nemr Al NemrJNN 30 Mar 2013 Riyadh : A Saudi prosecutor has demanded the death penalty for prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, while the Shiite’s of Arabia have warned the Saudi Government of the dire consequences , against the move for the demand of Death Penalty to the Cleric , who was arrested last year over calls for the release of political prisoners. Continue reading

After 8 months of Illegal confinement now the Saudi Govt charges Shia Cleric with Instigating Unrest

Arabian Shia Cleric Sheikh Nimr Al NimrJNN 27 Mar 2013 Riyadh : After About 8 Months in captivity without any charges , now A court in Saudi Arabia has charged prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr with “instigating unrest” and “seeking foreign meddling” in the kingdom. Continue reading

Arabian Shia Protest against the Atrocities of Saudi Monarchs in Qasimia and Awamia

Arabian Protest in Qassimia against Al Saud

JNN 19 Mar 2013 Riyadh : Shia Demonstrators in Saudi Arabia have staged another protest rally against the Al Saud regime in central province of al-Qassim, Press reports.

The outraged protestors took to the streets in the city of Buraidah on Saturday, calling for the immediate release of political prisoners including a group of women who were recently arrested.

Earlier on March 1, Saudi security forces arrested over 300 people, including 15 women, in al-Qassim province.

The arrests took place after hundreds of Saudis staged a protest sit-in to demand the release of political prisoners.

Saudi activists say there are more than 30,000 political prisoners, mostly prisoners of conscience, in jails across the Kingdom.

According to the activists, most of the detained political thinkers are being held by the government without trial or legitimate charges and that they were arrested for merely looking suspicious.

Some of the detainees are reported to be held without trial for more than 16 years.

Attempting to incite the public against the government and the allegiance to foreign entities are usually the ready-made charges against the dissidents.

In Saudi Arabia, protests and political gatherings of any kind are prohibited.

Since February 2011, protesters have held demonstrations on an almost regular basis in Saudi Arabia primarily calling for the release of all political prisoners, freedom of expression and assembly, and an end to widespread discrimination.

However, the demonstrations have turned into protests against the repressive Al Saud regime, especially after November 2011, when Saudi security forces killed five protesters and injured many others in the country’s Eastern Province.

In another Protest , On Friday, Saudi protesters once again took to the streets of Awamiyah located in the Qatif region, in Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich Eastern Province.

They shouted anti-regime slogans during the demonstration to condemn Riyadh’s ongoing crackdown on protests and activists in the country.

The demonstrators also voiced their solidarity with Hussein al-Rabie, an activist who has been arrested by Saudi regime forces, calling for his immediate release.

Since February 2011, protesters have held demonstrations on an almost regular basis in Saudi Arabia, mainly in the Qatif region and the town of Awamiyah in Eastern Province, primarily calling for the release of all political prisoners, freedom of expression and assembly, and an end to widespread discrimination.

Saudi regime forces have also arrested dozens of people including prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

Saudi authorities warned in October 2012 that they would deal ‘firmly’ with anti-regime demonstrations. Amnesty International slammed the warning and urged the authorities to “withdraw their threat.”

A Saudi preacher has called for reforms in the Kingdom, warning that denying the rights of people is increasing tensions across the country.

“The people have aspirations, demands and rights and they will not stay silent on total or partial confiscation of their rights. When you lose hope, you can do anything,” Salman al-Auda said in an open letter on Saturday.

The preacher, who is from the Sahwa movement, called for reforms and the coming of “a new horizon” for Saudi Arabia.

Auda warned that growing tension in the kingdom was due to “corruption, unemployment, poor housing, weak health and educational services and a lack of political reforms.”

He criticized regime crackdown on protesters, saying, “A security solution would only aggravate the situation and block the path to reforms.”

Auda called for the immediate release of human rights activists and political prisoners, saying that their detention will only “increase the bitterness, the desire for revenge and mushrooming of jihadist thinking in prisons.”

He also condemned the “continuing practice of censorship” by the country’s information officials.

An independent Saudi rights organization said that about 30,000 political activists have been held in prisons. Riyadh, however, denied the claim, saying there was no political prisoner in the country.


Arabian Shia’s Stages Massive Show of Strength in a Demo against Al Saud’s illegal Detentions of thousands of Shias

Arabian Shia Massive Demo against Al SaudJNN 23 Feb 2013 Riyadh : People have once again taken to streets in a Massive show of Strength in the eastern Province of Qatif , Saudi Arabia to protest against the detention of protesters. Continue reading

Wife Tracker – Saudi Govt. Introduces Electronic tracking of Saudi Wives

JNN 28 Nov 2012 Riyadh : Saudi Arabia introduced an electronic tracking system that alerts men by text message when their wife is leaving the country, even if they are traveling together. The system was swiftly condemned by activists and Twitter users. Continue reading

Arabian Shia's Hold Massive Rally in Remembrance of Victims of Saudi regime's Crackdown

JNN 09 Nov 2012 Riyadh : Saudis have massively thronged the streets of the city of Qatif in the east of the country to commemorate 14 people killed by the kingdom’s security forces during an anti-regime protest a year ago,Press reports. Continue reading

Arabian Shia’s Hold Massive Rally in Remembrance of Victims of Saudi regime’s Crackdown

JNN 09 Nov 2012 Riyadh : Saudis have massively thronged the streets of the city of Qatif in the east of the country to commemorate 14 people killed by the kingdom’s security forces during an anti-regime protest a year ago,Press reports. Continue reading

At least 22 Killed ,more than 111 injured in a fuel truck blast in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

JNN 01 Nov 2012 RIYADH: At least 22 people were killed when a fuel truck crashed into a flyover in the Saudi capital Riyadh on Thursday, triggering an explosion that brought down an industrial building, Saudi state television reported. Continue reading

2 Arabian Shia Protesters Martyred by the Saudi Security Forces in Qatif

JNN 30 Sept 2012 Riyadh : Saudi security forces have shot dead two a Shia Men , a teenager and an activist as they attacked a group of peaceful pro-democracy protesters in the city of Qatif in the Eastern Province. Continue reading

Tortured and Jailed by Ale Saud, Shia Cleric Nemr Al Nemr starts Hunger Strike


JNN 22 July 2012 Riyadh : Relatives of jailed Saudi cleric Sheikh Nemr al-Nemr have expressed concern over his health condition, saying the mistreated Shia figure has started an open-ended hunger strike.  Continue reading

Future of Saudi Arabia very uncertain, Ageing Monarchy May Collapse any time

ImageJNN 14 June 2012 Riyadh : Washington is reportedly gravely concerned about a possible power struggle in Saudi Arabia due to the kingdom’s ill and aging leaders including the king, crown prince and foreign minister. Continue reading

Iran Officially Condemn the Crack Down on the Bahraini Protesters and the Dream of Unifying the Persian Gulf States

JNN 18 May 2012 Tehran : Iranian Foreign Ministry has summoned Bahrain’s charge d’affaires in Tehran to express the Islamic Republic’s growing concerns over the developments in the Persian Gulf sheikdom. Continue reading

Ale Saud afraid of the Shiite Revolutions in the region , Wants to Merge all the PGC States to crush the Uprisings

JNN 14 May 2012 Manama : Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are expected to announce closer political union at a meeting of Gulf Arab leaders on Monday, a Bahraini minister said, a move dismissed by the Shiite Majority opposition as a ruse to avoid political reform, and to make the Majority Shiite Population of Bahrain a Minority By Merging into Saudi Arabia and other PGC States. Continue reading

Arabian Shia hold anti Ale Saud Rally in the Shia Majority Oil Rich Eastern Province of Qatif

JNN 10 May 2012 Riyadh : Saudi Arabia’s Eastern province has been hit by yet another anti-government protest rally in which demonstrators have condemned the long-time rule of Al Saud for its suppression of protests. Continue reading

Saudi's Training Somalis to Kill Shiite Houthis in Yemen & to fan sectarianism

JNN 17 April 2012 Riyadh : Saudi Arabia has been funding and training Somali refugees to fight the Shiite Houthi movement and spark sectarian strife in Yemen in a bid to immune the kingdom to the spread of Yemen’s revolution, sources said on Monday. Continue reading

Saudi’s Training Somalis to Kill Shiite Houthis in Yemen & to fan sectarianism

JNN 17 April 2012 Riyadh : Saudi Arabia has been funding and training Somali refugees to fight the Shiite Houthi movement and spark sectarian strife in Yemen in a bid to immune the kingdom to the spread of Yemen’s revolution, sources said on Monday. Continue reading

US to discuss cooperation in Nuclear deal with Saudis

JNN 31 July 2011 : The Obama administration plans to resume talks with Saudi Arabia about nuclear cooperation, according to senior U.S. officials, in a move aimed at boxing in Iran and keeping an eye on Riyadh’s strategic ambitions. Continue reading