3 Shia Men including MWM’s Leader Assasinated By Target Killing of TTP Terrorist in Karachi , Pakistan

Shaheed Molana Deedar Hussain Jalbani 03 Dec 2013 , Karachi aJNN 03 Dec 2013 Karachi : In the Bright Light of the Day the Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan Once again struck and Martyred Allama Deedar Jalbani s/o Rasool Buksh, and His Guard  as  Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) leader was shot dead along with his security guard-cum-driver in a brazen incident of target killing in Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi  on Tuesday. Continue reading


Shia Man Martyred by Hand Grenade attack on a Imambargah ( Hussainia ) by LeJ Terrorist in Karachi , Pakistan

Shaheed Zakir Hussain's @ Imambargah Sajjadia Landhi , Karachi , 19.03.13 aJNN 20 Sept 2013 KARACHI: At least one person was Martyred and more than a dozen others were wounded in a Hand Grenade attack on Imambargah Sajjadia situated at Majeed Colony ,  Karachi’s Landhi neighbourhood on Thursday night. Continue reading

Shia Genocide Acceleratd , 15 Shia Men embraced Martyrdom by the target Killing of SSP, LeJ & TTP Terrorists in a fortnight across Pakistan

Shuhuda Aug 2013JNN 1st Sept 2013 Karachi : Shia Target Killing has once again intensified , as about 17 Shia Men were Martyred during the Last 15 days in the Month of August , as the Terrorist have once again intensified their attacks on the Shia Man , which have been a little curtailed after the Huge United Protest Sit Ins of the Shia Community across Pakistan against the Shia Genocide in Pakistan. Continue reading

11 Shia men Martyred in 20 Days across Pakistan in the Ongoing Shia Target Killing By SSP , LeJ & TTP Terrorists

Shaheed Imran Haider Naqvi so Anees Naqvi , 20 Mar 2013 , karachiJNN 06 Apr 2013 Karachi : The Shia Target Killing continues whether the New Government or the Previous Government , as it looks that the People in control of the reigns of the country are either incapable or they are not interested in checking the activities of the Taliban and their allied groups , which are not only the Blood thirsty enemies of Shia communities , but also are against the Integration of Pakistan and its Ideology. And it has been proved that Shia Community is the Biggest Hurdle in their way as they are paying the biggest Price to counter their threat in shape of ongoing Target Killing . Continue reading

A World Renowned Shia Poet , Scholar and an Academician Martyred by the Target Killing of SSP Terrorists

18032013051JNN 18 Mar 2013 KARACHI: On Monday 18th Mar , 2013 A World renowned  Shia writer, Poet, scholar and the Principal of a College in Karachi, Professor Syed Sibte Jafar Zaidi s/o S. Ahmed Mian Zaidi Rahi was Martyred by the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in Karachi’s Liaquatabad area on Monday, Our Correspondent reported. Continue reading

Shia Target Killing escalates after Ashura , 4 Men and a Women Martyred , includes a Trustee of Imambargah and a Trader

JNN 30Nov 2012 Karachi : Ashra e Muharram was a bit calm in the sense of Shia Target Killing , but the terrorist were even that time not at ease as they were busy in Planting Bombs targeting Shia Processions and Muharram congregation , which Martyred Several Shia Men . But after Ashura till now 4 Shia Men and a Woman has been Targeted and Martyred . Continue reading

A Shia Scholar, 2 Businessman,Police Officer, 4 Young Men, in all 19 Shia Men Martyred in 4 days by the Terrorist of TTP , SSP & LeJ, across Pakistan

JNN 10th Nov 2012 Karachi : Last 96 Hrs witnessed the complete failure of the Present Government as 19 Shia Men were targeted and Martyred in different attacks. As from 9th Nov till 6th Nov atleast 19 Shia Men were martyred by the terrorist of Banned Organisation ,which includes Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Tehrik e Taliban and their other allied groups and cells. Continue reading

4 Shia Men Martyred due to the firing and Target Killing of SSP and TTP in Karachi , Quetta , Parachinar

JNN 06 Nov 2012 Quetta : On Sunday Quetta Once again saw The Taliban Terrorist hitting again the Young Shia Man Haseeb Raza on Sarki Road , he was martyred by the terrorist firing.Same day 2 Shia Men were Martyred ,while another Shia man was injured and another abducted in the Sorsorang area, Pewarh, Kurrum Agency , and On Saturday a Young Shia Man was targeted & Martyred at at His Mobile shop at the Anday Mor , North Karachi . Another  Injured Shia Man Sajjad Ali , who was injured due to the firing &  torture of SSP terroris also embraced Martyrdom due to the fatal wounds . Continue reading

Within 36 Hrs 12 Shia Men Martyred in different incidents of Target Killing By the Terrorist of SSP & LeJ in Karachi & Quetta

JNN 29 Sept 2012 Karachi : Yazid of the Present era is holding the Reigns of the Government as the Injustice is Prevailed over Pakistan , as on the Black Day of 26 – 27 Sept ‘ 2012 , Within 36 Hours , 12 Shia Men were Martyred by the target Killing of Shia Men by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan & Taliban in Karachi & Quetta . Continue reading

4 Shia Men Martyred ,Shia Genocide Continues while Media , Government & Establishment of Pakistan enjoys deep sleep

JNN 18 Aug 2012 Karachi : The Close friend and associate of the faithful Shia Activist  Sajid Moosvi , Abbas Haider s/o Aqil Raza was also targeted in the same style and was Martyred , by firing . While in another incident Three Shia Men were Martyred in Target Killing on Arbab Karam Khan Road in Quetta on Thursday. Continue reading

Another Shia Pesh Imam Martyred By the Sectarian Target Killing of SSP Terrorists

JNN 19 June 2012 Karachi : Today In the Limits of Nazimabad P.S,  the Pesh Imam (Prayer Leader ) of Masjid e Noor e Eman , Maulana Ghulam Mohammad Ameeni s/o Sheikh Mohd. Ali, 58 , was targeted & Martyred by the terrorist of Munafiqeen Group Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , on Monday Night , when he left the Mosque after Leading the Maghribain Prayers , at around 9.00p.m , Just near the lane end of the Mosque. Continue reading

Shia Vice Principal of Technical College Martyred in the Ongoing Target Killing by SSP terrorist in Karachi

JNN 18 April 2012 Karachi : In the Late Hours of Tuesday Night Another Momin S.Imran .Ali.Zaidi s/o S.Kazim. Ali.Zaidi ,55 was Martyred , by the Assasins Squad of SSP , the LeJ Terrorist Group, in the Limits of North Nazimabad . Continue reading

A Black Day for Shia Community – 3 Shia Men Martyred in 3 Different Incidents of Target Killing By Terrorist of SSP in Karachi

JNN 3 April 2912 Karachi :  3 Shia Men were targeted and Martyred in the Limits of the Biggest City of Pakistan Karachi in three different Incidents  , while 9 Shia Men were Identified , targeted and Martyred By firing  of the Terrorist of  Ahle Sunnat wal Jammat ( SSP ) , after offloading from a Gilgit Bound Passenger Bus . Continue reading

JAP Activist and his Son Targeted , Son embraced Martyrdom ,while father injured by the terrorists of SSP

JNN 16 Mar 2012 Karachi : In the late hours of 15th Mar 2012 at around 11.45p.m, A Young Shia Man S.Akmal Mohsin Rizvi S/o Mohsin Rizvi,18  and His Father , Mohsin Rizvi , who is a office Bearer of  Jaferia Alliance Pakistan  were Targeted and shot at Patel Para , Near Lasbella Bridge, Karachi. Due to which  Akmal embraced Martyrdom, while Mohsin is in ICU, and is being treated for his bullet wounds , and is now in stable condition , out of danger, and in the recovery process. Continue reading

Within 24 Hours Pesh Imam of Shia Mosque and a Young Shia Activist martyred , Target Killing escalates in Karachi

JNN 17 Feb 2012 Karachi : In the Late hours of Wednesday Night One Shia Pesh Imam of a Masoomia Mosque , Maulana Sadaqat Ali Baig s/o Sakhawat Ali Baig ,28  was Martyred by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba’s terrorist Wing Lashkar e Jhangvi, in the Limits of P.S. Liaqatabad.While another Young Shia Activist Kazim Ali was also Martyred in the Limits of Nazimabad by the target Killers of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan. Continue reading

Another Shia Doctor & Trustee of Imambargah Embraces Martyrdom by the Target Killing of SSP in Karachi

JNN 28 Jan 2012 Karachi : Once again the Target Killing of Shia Men have escalated ,  Late Evening Friday 27th Jan , When Dr. Mohsin Jafar s/o Dr. Baqar was Martyred by the Assailants , in the Limits of F.B. Area. Continue reading

Another Shia Man Targeted and Martyred in Orangi Town , Karachi

JNN 16 July 2011 Karachi : The Target Killing in Karachi have claimed another life of  a  Shia Man On Saturday, Aun Mohammad s/o Jamal Ahmed,32 who was targeted  in the Limits of Orangi Town , No. 11 1/2  , Near Habib Bank Quarters . Continue reading

Another Shia Man Victim of Target Killing in Karachi

JNN On Wednesday 11th May Karachi : Qamar Abbas  s/o Qalbe Hussain,39, embraced Martyrdom  ,when he  was  targeted by the Terrorist of the Banned Organisation Sipah  e Sahaba ( Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat ) , at Rehmat Chowk ,  Orangi Town . Continue reading