Indonesian President Keen to resolve the Differences between Shia & Sunni Sect Followers in the Country

Indonesian President Keen to resolve the Difference between Sunni and ShiaJNN 09 Dec 2013 Jakarta : President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono met with the Sunni-Shiite Reconciliation Team in Sampang on the island of Madura, East Java, on Wednesday. Continue reading

Indonesian Govt. indifference to Forceful Conversion of Shiite Muslims to Wahabism

INDONESIA-RELIGION-ISLAM-SHIITEJNN 02 Aug 2013 Jakarta : Sampang’s persecuted Shiite Muslim minority, fearful of another round of forced conversions by Wahabi Muslims, called on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to ensure their religious freedom after a forum meant to negotiate the exiled group’s homecoming placed the matter in the hands of Wahabi clerics accused of inciting sectarian tensions in Madura Island.

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Malaysian Govt Illegally detain Shia Cleric in violation of Civil & Human Rights

JNN 18 Oct 2012 Kualalumpur : Sampang Shia community leader Tajul Muluk has remained in detention at the Sidoarjo penitentiary for the past week without a clear legal basis, despite the end of his detention period having been reached, his lawyer Asfinawati said on Wednesday.  Continue reading

Indonesian Shiites Still Living as Refugees in their own Country

JNN 09 Oct 2012 Jakarata : Efforts by the local government to quell violence against Shiites have hit a standstill in Sampang, leaving nearly 200 Shiite Muslims stranded in a local sports center after a deadly Sunni mob attack sent them fleeing from their homes.  Continue reading

Indonesian Shia Muslims pressurized to convert to Majority Sect by Indonesian Religious Affair Minister


JNN 12 Sept 2012 : Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali says converting Shiite Muslims to the Sunni Islam followed by most Indonesians would be the best way to prevent violent outbreaks between the sects in Sampang, East Java. Continue reading