Iran Suspends Umrah Pilgrimage in Protest against Saudi Authorities , Young Tajiks Banned from Performing Hajj Pilgrimage

Iran suspends Umrah PilgrimageJNN 16 Apr 2015 Tehran : Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said the country’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization has been ordered to suspend Umrah Hajj pilgrimage for the time being. Continue reading


Saudi forces Attack & Beat 2 Protesters to Death in Qatif

Saudi forces arrest some 150 protestersJNN 22 Feb 2014 Riyadh : Saudi regime forces have attacked and killed two anti-government activists at their home in the Qatif governorate of Eastern Province. Continue reading

Saudi Monarchy Planning to execute the Jailed Top Shia Cleric in the coming Days

Saudi Protesters Demand Release of Shia Cleric Nemr Al NemirJNN 11 Nov 2013 TEHRAN – The Saudi authorities are planning to execute prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in the coming days, a group calling itself the Al-Qatif News Network said on its Arabic webpage on Facebook.  Continue reading

Thousands of Shia Men attends the Funeral of the Young Boy Killed by Saudi Forces

Shia Protest the Killing of the Shia Boy by Saudi ForcesJNN 11 Sept 2013 Riyadh : Thousands of people have attended the funeral ceremony of a young man killed in the eastern Saudi Arabian city of Awamiya during a crackdown on dissidents by regime forces. Continue reading

Arabian Shia’s Stages Massive Show of Strength in a Demo against Al Saud’s illegal Detentions of thousands of Shias

Arabian Shia Massive Demo against Al SaudJNN 23 Feb 2013 Riyadh : People have once again taken to streets in a Massive show of Strength in the eastern Province of Qatif , Saudi Arabia to protest against the detention of protesters. Continue reading

Secret Saudi Document Revealed , Hardcore Criminals sent to terrorize Syrians, Mosque Burnt

Saudi sent Terrorist in SyriaJNN 15 Dec 2012 Aden : Yemeni independent news websites published on Sunday a Saudi secret official document confirming that the regime of al-Saud ordered the release of a group of hundreds of most wanted criminals who are sentenced to death on crimes related to drug smuggling, killing and rape to send them to Syria and join the armed terrorist groups. And these Saudi sponsored Criminals are ordered to desecrate Mosques and Holy Places of Islam , and especially to target the Shia Community Members and their religious Places and Programs , and promote sectarianism. Continue reading

Saudi Monarchy forcing and sending Young Detainees & Weapons to fuel Insurgency in Syria


JNN 09 Oct 2012 Damascus : An official source at the Arab secret resistance movement – Hasm – noted recently that even if Al Saud regime was claiming officially not to like the idea of young Saudis going to fight Jihad in Syria, it was secretly forcing and sending young detainees and weapons in to Syria through Turkish Border , to re enforce the Insurgents. Continue reading