4th Halal Products Exhibition shows the Biased Attitude of the Organisers

4th Halal Expo , Istanbul , TurkeyJNN 10 Sept 2013 Istanbul : The International Halal and Healthy Food Fair held in Istanbul Fair Center (CNR Expo) began on Thursday.Over 100 companies with 200 brands took part in the fair in the fields of food, cosmetics, medical and cleaning supplies, fashion textile and modest dress, pilgrimage materials  Continue reading

Japanese Lady Embraces Islam’s Shia Sect By Research on the Internet

Japanese Woman Akiko Krvkava embraced Shia Islam on the Hands of Ayatullah Musavi ArdabeliJNN 11 June 2013 Tehran : “ I researched and studied different Religions , and finally decided to embrace Islam’s Shia Sect . And I feel very happy that I have the Honor to embrace Islam , and to recite the Solemn Oath of Islam that “ There is no God , but Only One God , and Prophet Muhammad PBUH is his Messenger “ in the presence of his eminence , who has the authority to lead , and has a large number of people who emulate him”. Continue reading

Non Muslim Women Converting to Shia Sect of Islam, for its Basic Principals Close to the Nature & Logic

German & Japanese Shia Converted WomenJNN 18 Apr 2013 : A Lot of Non Muslim Women are converting to Shia Sect of Islam , as they feel it is more close to the Principals of Nature and every law which it narrates have some logic behind it , and nothing is fictitious , and especially the Role Models of the Shia Sect which are Ahlul Bayt are answer to all the Problems ,a person can face Here in after  . Continue reading