Factual News of Wahabi DisInformation Cell spreading Rumor of “ Abaya-clad thief in Masjid e Nabwi Distributing Poisonous Sweets ”

Abaya Clad Thief in Masjid e NabawiJNN 8 July 2013 : The Wahabi Media Cell is working 24 x 7 in spreading of rumours and DisInformation , to create the Sectarianism and Hatred among the Different Muslim Sects, and specially against the Shia Sect of Islam . Continue reading

Unity Prayer offered in Iraq & Lebanon to Relinquish all the Sectarian difference among Muslim Brothers

Unity Prayer in IraqJNN 4 June 2013 Baghdad : As Unity among Muslims is the Need of the Hour , when the Enemies of Islam are trying their level best to Create tension and Hatred between the different Sects of Islam, But to fight this conspiracy , the True Muslims are always working to Bloster Brotherly relations between all the sects of Islam , and in this effort Iraq and Lebanon Muslims took a step forward , as they offered Unity Prayers , to their Solidarity and to defeat the desire of the Enemies of Islam to create disharmony among Muslims of the World. Continue reading

The Ageing Saudi Monarchy’s 2nd Crown Prince Nayef , Dies within 8 months of its Predecessor

JNN 17 June 2012 Geneva :  Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Nayef, a Extremist  interior minister who played a pivotal role in crushing up the Shiite Minority and he is the Man,during whose tenure as an Interior Minister al Qaeda Nurtured , while now it looks that the same Al Qaida , is the Biggest threat to the Ale Saud’s Monarchy , US is Interested in Changing the faces in the New World , with new dictators , to keep its interest alive in the world’s top oil exporter. Nayef died on Saturday eight months after becoming heir to the throne, paving the way for a more reform-minded successor. Continue reading

Conspiracy Unearthed to fuel Sectarianism , and to Indict Innocent Shia Muslims in terrorist cases

JNN 25 Feb 2012 ISLAMABAD : MNA Kurram Agency Sajid Hussain Turi on Saturday rebutted the impression that Mehdi Militia or Haideri Taliban had claimed responsibility for the attack on a bus stop in Peshawar and asserted that extremists were trying to fuel sectarian violence in the country by launching a blame game. Continue reading