Iran Announces to Unveil Documented facts Behind 9/11 Attacks

911 Facts and Evidences revealedJNN 12 Sept 2013 Tehran : Iran plans to unveil a documentary disclosing a series of truths about September 11 attacks in New York, without disclosing name of the producers.  Continue reading

The Woman responsible for CIA’s Torture Operations rewarded as the Secret Service Chief

CIA Headed By  a WomanJNN 31 Mar 2013 Washington : The new head of the US spy agency has appointed a woman involved in running the CIA’s detention and torture program and destroying videotapes of the interrogation sessions as the chief of its Secret service . Continue reading

The Zionist Celebrated their Purim Festival, by Succesfully conducting 9/11 terror attacks On US Soil

Purim Festival and 911 attacksJNN 02 Mar 2013 New York : For more than eleven years, Israel has been wildly celebrating the success of its 9/11 operation against the United States of America. The latest example: Israeli children recently dressed up as the burning Twin Towers, complete with impaled exploding airplanes, to celebrate the bizarre Jewish holiday known as Purim. Continue reading