UN authenticates SEX SLAVE Price List of IS , US$165 for a Child

Iraqi Girls & Women sold By ISIS as Sex Slaves UN Confirms cJNN 06 Aug 2015 Washington : After circulating for almost a year, the UN has finally confirmed the authenticity of the Islamic State Sex Price list being offered to their fighters and other men trying to purchase sex slaves as young as one for $165. Continue reading


Naked Girls Sold by Anti Islam Wahabi IS Terrorists in areas under their control in Iraq & Syria

Wahabi IS Terrorists Selling Naked GirlsJNN 09 May 2015 Baghdad : Girls in Syria and Iraq are being “stripped naked” and being sold in “slave bazaars” by Wahabi Islamic State terrorists, according to the United Nations. Continue reading

Japanese politician defends WWII ‘comfort women’ sex slavery

Japanese Opposition Leader Toru HashimotoJNN 16 May 2013 Hiroshima : The proximity of the battlefield gave rise to the ‘comfort women’ system on Japanese-occupied territories in the 1930s, according a Japanese politician. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Korean women were forced into sex slavery at the time. Continue reading