Prominent Shia Cleric with His Close Associates Beheaded By Saudi Monarchy , Strong Shia Reaction across the World

IMG_9328JNN 04 Jan 2016 RIYADH: Saudi Arabia executed a Prominent Shia cleric and a number of Al Qaeda members on Saturday, signalling it would go to any Limit to save their falling Monarchy , which may cause stirring sectarian anger across the region.
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20 Shia Martyred in a Suicide Attack on Ashura Procession in Yobe , Nigeria

Suicide Attack at Ashura Procession in Yobe State , NigeriaJNN 11 Nov 2014 Abuja : A suicide bombing claimed at least 20 lives in northern Nigeria on Monday in the Ashura Procession , held to Mark the Martyrdom Anniversary of the 3rd Leader in the Chain of Leadership of the Shia Muslim . Continue reading

Iran Send Forces to Fight ISIS Terrorists in Iraq

Commander of Irani Quds Force Maj. Gen Qaseem SolamaniJNN 14 June 2014 Tehran  —The threat of Wahabi Terrorists  challenging the power of its Shiite-dominated Arab ally presents Iran with the biggest security and strategic challenge it has faced since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Continue reading

Bomb Blast by LeJ Missed its target , Shia Namazis Returning from Friday Prayers in Karachi

Bomb Blast @ Ch. Khaliq uz Zaman Road Clifton , Karachi , PakistanJNN 27 April 2014 KARACHI: Police investigators have found that the Friday bombing in the Clifton area `missed the target` by only `10 seconds` as CCTV footage showed the bus carrying people belonging to the Shia community had just passed through the area when the explosives-laden rickshaw was detonated, it emerged on Saturday.
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Ayatullah Sistani’s office Raided , Shia Man Martyred by Police firing , 11 Sentenced for Jail By Bahraini Authorities

Clashes between pro-reform protesters and police in Manama, BahrainJNN 20 April 2014 Manama : Regime forces in Bahrain have raided the office of the representative of Ayatollah Ali al- Sistani in Manama.While A Shia Man has been Martyred by the Police firing , and 11 Protesters Sentenced to Jail for upto five years Continue reading

Factual News of Wahabi DisInformation Cell spreading Rumor of “ Abaya-clad thief in Masjid e Nabwi Distributing Poisonous Sweets ”

Abaya Clad Thief in Masjid e NabawiJNN 8 July 2013 : The Wahabi Media Cell is working 24 x 7 in spreading of rumours and DisInformation , to create the Sectarianism and Hatred among the Different Muslim Sects, and specially against the Shia Sect of Islam . Continue reading

Prominent Egyptian Shia Leader arrested by Biased LEA , while Protest in London against Egyptian Shia Killing

Protest in London & Arrest of Egyptian Shia LeaderJNN 29 June 2013 Cairo : Egyptian Salafai Wahabi Prosecutors on Wednesday ordered the detention of prominent Shia leader Mohamed al-Doreiny in Giza, after he was arrested Tuesday for alleged possession of illegal firearms. Continue reading

Atleast 30 Shia Men Martyred in Suicide Car Bombing and Target Killing in Iraq, Including 14 Iranian Pilgrims

Iranian Pilgrims Martyred in IraqJNN 08 June 2013 BAQUBA: A Suicide car bomb in a restive town north of  Iraq’s capital killed atleast 16 Iranian pilgrims on Friday, officials said, the latest in  a spike in violence that has sparked fears of all-out sectarian war.   Continue reading

100 Killed in Shiite Majority Areas in Suicide & Car Bomb Blasts across Iraq

Suicide Blast in Imambargah Zehra , Kirkuk, Iraq aJNN 17 May 2013 Baghdad : At least 12 people were killed and 25 others injured as a suicide bomber blew himself up at a Shiite Imambargah ( Hussainia ) in northern Iraq’s Kirkuk on Thursday, local police sources said. Continue reading

First time in Pakistani History Shia Political Party announces the list of its Candidates for the Election 2013

MWM fields candidates for Election 2013JNN 2 May 2013 Karachi : With a Number of Political and Religious Parties active in the Pakistani Politics , it is the first time in the History of Pakistan that a Shia Political Party of Pakistan , has nominated its candidates and is contesting the Upcoming Election 2013.

There are even a Number of Shia Religious , Political , Student Parties already Present in Pakistan , but Upto date there has not been a single Shia Party which has Nominated and have contested the Elections , in the history of Pakistan , with such a big Number of Candidates being contesting from the Provincial as well as National Assembly Seats from all over Pakistan.

There are Two Major Shia Parties in Pakistan , Namely “ Islami Tehreek ” Generally know as “ Shia Ulema Council ” led by Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi , and the other The Party which is “ Majlis e Wahadat e Muslimeen ” ( MWM ) , the rest of the Parties and group are either Regional or on the District level .

Islami Tehreek is an Old Party , which has couple of times tried to surface up in the National Elections but have not succeeded in any National or Provincial Seat in any of the Previous Elections , even though it has representation in quite a vast areas of Pakistan , but due to the fact that Shia Vote bank and supporter are scattered all over Pakistan , but if we compare their density constituency wise , then it is very hard to acquire Parliamentary seats , due to the scattered nature of Shia Population.

And in the areas where the density is very rich , in the areas like ParaChinar , Gilgit – Baltistan, Parts of Quetta , Jhang , Karachi, the Shia Vote Bank is being taken Hostage by the Main Stream Parties like PPP , MQM who at the time of Elections Field Shia Candidates from these constituencies , but after winning Elections , they forget all the Promises they have made to give security and Prosperity in those regions , and even the Shia Representative which have won elections from these constituencies toe the Party Policy , instead of safe guarding the Interest of their Voters who are the main source due to which they enjoy all the privileges and Perks,  and thus due to this fact , the Shia Population’s voice could not reach the Parliament or the Senate , where the Legislation is needed to Uphold the security and the right of self determination , which is even guaranteed even in the constitution of Pakistan.

And thus in keeping all these Problems in mind , A New Party has come on the stage of Pakistani Politics been under the title of Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen ( MWM ) , and People have been quite Hope full from them , as they have not been tested up till now , and Shia Population have given them all the support which is needed to enforce them as their representatives , and in this scenario MWM has fielded about 125 Candidates from across Pakistan , for Provincial and National assembly seats , and have also made seat adjustments and are backing Some Candidates of Like minded Moderate Parties , which are against extremism and terrorism , and also condemn takfiri Groups which are trying to enforce their form of Extremist Religion in Pakistan.

The MWM has fielded about 21 Candidates for the National Assembly seats , 32 Candidates for Sindh Provincial Assembly , 24 for Punjab Assembly seats and 5 for Baluchistan Assembly seats , while 5 candidates are fielded on Special Women’s Qouta Seats .

Islami Tehreek has done Electoral alliance with the Pakistan People Party , and have thus not fielded any candidates from their own Platform.

The fact that two of the older Shia parties are still aligned with the PPP the Islami Tehreek headed by Allama Sajid Naqvi has made an alliance with the PPP while the supporters of Tehreek-e-Nifaz Fiqh Jaferia led by Allama Hamid Moosvi are traditionally known to vote for the PPP.
It is difficult to say anything for sure at the moment not just because the MWM is new but also because in the past the Shia community has never voted as a bloc. `The people of Pakistan do not vote for sect-based parties; this has been repeatedly reflected in various election results,` said Haris Khalique, a newspaper columnist and poet based in Islamabad. However he hastened to add that `the MWM case is different because it is benefiting from a reaction to the existing sense of persecution among Shia population in country.

At some level, the party is aware of this paradox which helps explain its threepronged electoral strategy.

At the top are the `core seats`, which are constituencies with considerable Shia votes. In this category the party has fielded its own candidates.

We have strong candidates for constituencies with major Shia population,` said Nasir Sheerazi, secretary of the political wing, MWM.

In the second category it has placed those constituencies where there is a Shia vote large enough to play a role; here the party is trying to form local level alliances or seat adjustment arrangements with other players.

`Negotiations are under way where there is a sizeable Shia population,` he added.

Third are the constituencies where the party wants to play the role of a spoiler or send a message to particular parties. This third category includes seats such as the one in Jhang which is to be contested by Sheikh Waqas` father, Sheikh Muhammad Akram; the MWM will support him against Maulana Muhammad Ludhianvi, the chief of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat.

Similarly, the party plans to support Riaz Peerzada, the PML-N candidate from Bahawalpur. `Our main objective is to block extremists in politics, get rid of criminal elements and pave the way for tolerant people to be active in the electoral process,` Mr Sheerazi said without naming any party.

Despite its public intentions to support PML-N candidates such as Peerzada, the MWM has not held any formal talks with the top PML-N leadership.

In other areas in Punjab, the MWM is also hopeful of making its mark in areas such as Bhakkar.

Local journalists feel that in the current situation the MWM might just make a difference it is difficult to predict the impact though.

`The reaction to the lack of performance by the mainstream parties will reflect in the election results,` said Muhammad Pervaiz Durrani, a journalist who runs a local FM radio in Layyah.

`There is a large Shia population in Bhakkar many of them have arrived from Dera Ismail Khan and other parts of KPK due to terror threats there. A reactionary vote from them could favour the MWM,` Mr Durrani added.The MWM leadership is banking on this reaction as well.

It is noteworthy that in Punjab the MWM can tap into the Shia vote because the sectarian lines overlap with other faultlines for instance in Jhang, the Sunni vote tends to be that of the Punjabi migrants who came over at the time of partition while the Shia voters are the indigenous population. The overlapping, say observer, can make it easier for the MWM.

However, in Karachi this is exactly what can work against the MWM as the Shia voters in the city tend to vote on ethnic lines , as the Shia Community in the Urban Karachi are quite different from the Shia Voter in Rural Punjab or Rural Sindh . Despite this, the MWM is surprisingly hopeful about its electoral fortunes in this city. And Plus the Candidates which are Nominated By MWM in the Karachi City are not any Known Personalities of the Community, as they are exactly fresh candidates for the Election as well as the Community. So it is really a test for the MWM to show its Performance in the upcoming Elections.

Overall however it is difficult to predict how well the MWM will do electorally. Its ability to win over voters as well as to counter the appeal of the Shia candidates of other parties will prove to be no small hurdle.

This is something most voters also realize. `We vote for someone who is known to us as an individual or as a member of clan,` said Syed Sarfraz Hussain Ghardezi, a local leader of Islamabad, who added `Politics is not akin to standing behind a prayer leader during Namaz.

The details of all the MWM candidates can be seen in the list given below :

Election Candidates for Election 2013

65 killed 240 wounded in Shiite Majority areas of Baghdad, Iraq by Bombs Blasts on the 10th Anniversery of US Invasion

Residents gather at the site of a car bomb attack in the AL-Mashtal district in BaghdadJNN 20 Mar 2013 BAGHDAD : Insurgents sent a bloody message on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion, carrying out a wave of bombings across the country Tuesday that killed at least 65 people in the deadliest day in Iraq this year. Continue reading

Arabian Shia Protest against the Atrocities of Saudi Monarchs in Qasimia and Awamia

Arabian Protest in Qassimia against Al Saud

JNN 19 Mar 2013 Riyadh : Shia Demonstrators in Saudi Arabia have staged another protest rally against the Al Saud regime in central province of al-Qassim, Press reports.

The outraged protestors took to the streets in the city of Buraidah on Saturday, calling for the immediate release of political prisoners including a group of women who were recently arrested.

Earlier on March 1, Saudi security forces arrested over 300 people, including 15 women, in al-Qassim province.

The arrests took place after hundreds of Saudis staged a protest sit-in to demand the release of political prisoners.

Saudi activists say there are more than 30,000 political prisoners, mostly prisoners of conscience, in jails across the Kingdom.

According to the activists, most of the detained political thinkers are being held by the government without trial or legitimate charges and that they were arrested for merely looking suspicious.

Some of the detainees are reported to be held without trial for more than 16 years.

Attempting to incite the public against the government and the allegiance to foreign entities are usually the ready-made charges against the dissidents.

In Saudi Arabia, protests and political gatherings of any kind are prohibited.

Since February 2011, protesters have held demonstrations on an almost regular basis in Saudi Arabia primarily calling for the release of all political prisoners, freedom of expression and assembly, and an end to widespread discrimination.

However, the demonstrations have turned into protests against the repressive Al Saud regime, especially after November 2011, when Saudi security forces killed five protesters and injured many others in the country’s Eastern Province.

In another Protest , On Friday, Saudi protesters once again took to the streets of Awamiyah located in the Qatif region, in Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich Eastern Province.

They shouted anti-regime slogans during the demonstration to condemn Riyadh’s ongoing crackdown on protests and activists in the country.

The demonstrators also voiced their solidarity with Hussein al-Rabie, an activist who has been arrested by Saudi regime forces, calling for his immediate release.

Since February 2011, protesters have held demonstrations on an almost regular basis in Saudi Arabia, mainly in the Qatif region and the town of Awamiyah in Eastern Province, primarily calling for the release of all political prisoners, freedom of expression and assembly, and an end to widespread discrimination.

Saudi regime forces have also arrested dozens of people including prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

Saudi authorities warned in October 2012 that they would deal ‘firmly’ with anti-regime demonstrations. Amnesty International slammed the warning and urged the authorities to “withdraw their threat.”

A Saudi preacher has called for reforms in the Kingdom, warning that denying the rights of people is increasing tensions across the country.

“The people have aspirations, demands and rights and they will not stay silent on total or partial confiscation of their rights. When you lose hope, you can do anything,” Salman al-Auda said in an open letter on Saturday.

The preacher, who is from the Sahwa movement, called for reforms and the coming of “a new horizon” for Saudi Arabia.

Auda warned that growing tension in the kingdom was due to “corruption, unemployment, poor housing, weak health and educational services and a lack of political reforms.”

He criticized regime crackdown on protesters, saying, “A security solution would only aggravate the situation and block the path to reforms.”

Auda called for the immediate release of human rights activists and political prisoners, saying that their detention will only “increase the bitterness, the desire for revenge and mushrooming of jihadist thinking in prisons.”

He also condemned the “continuing practice of censorship” by the country’s information officials.

An independent Saudi rights organization said that about 30,000 political activists have been held in prisons. Riyadh, however, denied the claim, saying there was no political prisoner in the country.


Shia Target Killing Graph slows down as 5 Shia Men Martyred by SSP & TTP in Last 10 Days

Shaheed Ejaz Hussain so Hidayat Hussain , 12 Mar , 2013 , KHIJNN 16 Mar 2013 Karachi : The Shia Target Killing still continues especially in Karachi as On 14th Mar A Handicapped Shia Young Man Arshad Ali s/o Shahid Ali , 35 was targeted & Martyred in Landhi , Near Babur Market Area by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in the limits of Landhi , Karachi. Continue reading

The Sorry State of Shia Leadership

Shia Leadership of PakistanJNN 6 March 2013 Karachi : The Shia Nation has been 3rd time badly hit by the terrorist Network since 12th Jan, 2013’s  Twin Bombing on the Alamdar Road in Quetta, in a short span of time, i.e about 50 Days time 255 Shia Men , Women and Children are being alone Martyred in these 3 incidents of Bomb Blast of Karachi and Quetta, rest of about 50 Shia Men who lost their lives in the continued Target Killing across Pakistan in the same period , make the figure even higher , as the Patient Shia Nation has borne this Killing and atrocities for about last 30 – 35 years in Pakistan , and have since then waited for a reliable and credible Shia Leadership , since the Loss of Allama Arif al Hussain Al Hussaini , who really worked Day in and Day out for the Shia Nation and created a Sense of security in the Common Shia Public , as they were confident that they are not speechless in this time of Misery and Disaster , as there is some body to speak for their rights and the atrocities being done against them .

But the Establishment of Pakistan who at that time was busy minting money coming from US , Saudia and UAE , was not interested that any body should disturb them , while they are busy counting their Foreign Exchange reserves , and they were least Bothered if it costed them Shia Body bags or even at the cost of the Whole of the Shia Nation .

As this was the time when the Disgruntled Shia Nation was Looking for a Reliable and Credible Leadership , that Can take the charge , and can take a Stand Like Mufti Jaffer Hussain or can be brave and and Unite the Shia Nation like Allama Arif Hussain , But Alas!

So Many Climbed and Claimed the Benefits of the Status , But Non Delivered as per the Inspiration and the Necessities and complexities of the Situation, and the time Passed away .

Finally a Group of Revolutionary Minded Clerics , took a step forward and launched a Shia Political cum Religious Party , under the Banner of Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen, which took its time in organizing , the Party on National Level , and the Best Part of the Party was that they talk of Unity of the Shiite Nation , and discarded Nation being divided in parts and groups .

As we all saw that the Alamdar Road Blast was the Turning Point , in the Shiite History also that regardless of Differences among different Parties and groups , Whole of the Community rose above their Personal and Party Differences and took a firm stand on the Issue , and whole of the Pakistani , rather the International Community , saw that whole of the Pakistani Shia Nation was committed and United for the Cause , and that sent tremors waves in the Political , Administrative and Establishment of Pakistan.

And the result was that the Government has to Bow and surrender to the Legitimate Demands of the Community , and the Governor Rule was imposed in the Balochistan Province.

The Misery was not yet over , as the 2nd Kirani Road, Hazara Town Blast , Once again Shook the Shia Nation , and the Act of Unity and Show of Shia Strength was Once again Shown and Proven , And this was the time when the Political Parties , which were now really disturbed by the Unity and the Massive Show of Strength took their Stand and Started to Play a game of Politics and the Lead Players were the So called Owners of Karachi , as this is the first time in History that any group or Party has shown such a Massive Show of Strength and Unity in Karachi, that the City was almost Paralyzed by the Protest Sit Ins on about 32 different Places  ,so their strategy was first by Painting the Picture as ethnic , instead of Sectarian , Just to create division in the United Shia Stand ,and secondly gain the Benefit of sympathies of a whole constituency , where they can achieve their Provincial and National Assembly Seats , and that also in the troubled Province of Balochistan, and if they win to do that then can be also be spokes person for the Shia community Partly if not wholly.

Any way as the Shia Community have seen so many conspiracies, from Within and Outside that they completely rejected which was a great set back for them , and then they got ready for their Plan B, and sent their good wishes to the enemies of the Shia Community , and Paid Visits in the name of reconciliation and Harmony among different sects.

But This reconciliation and Harmony gave a Present in shape of a Huge Bomb Blast in a Shia Neighborhood of Karachi , which resulted in the casualty of about 55 Men , Women, and Children , Total destruction of about 200 Homes , and 100 Shops , and among the victims of all this disaster , the Majority which bore this Burn was now again the Shia Community.

As Shia nation is not afraid of the Martyrdom and Destruction , as they have been going on through this for the Last 14 Centuries , and as per their Believe they ‘ll will have to face this till the Dooms Day , except in the Reign of the Present Imam Mehdi AJTF, who will rule the Whole World with such a Justice that No One has to bear any Injustice , regardless of its color , cast , creed or Religion.

But the Question and the fight of the Shia Nation is that the Cost of any Death and Destruction to the Community should be such Huge , that even the Blood thirsty enemy should think twice , before committing such a Henious crime , and to fix the Price of Death and Destruction to the Community , is the work and thought of the Leadership is to decide as How the Enemy should be Nailed that it has to pay the Price .

As in the case of the Bomb Blast in Abbas Town , Karachi , the Biggest City of Pakistan , The whole of the Shia Nation was eyeing and was Pin Drop Silent to hear the Strategy of their Leadership , as What has to be done to Stop this Menace in the First Place , and How the Enemy should be encountered , and secondly , as whole of the Shia Nation was ready to March along side their Leader ship , but they looked like speech less.

As per the sources the Political Leadership of Karachi was very Much annoyed and disturbed by the earlier two Protest Sit Ins in Karachi and across Pakistan , each of which lasted for several days , paralyzing the whole city and the Nation for Several Days .

So On the Direct Orders of the Governor of Sindh the Shia Leadership was asked not to give any call for such Protest , while they were given fake assurances , we don’t know whether the Leadership followed on the given Instructions willingly or Under Pressure, but as the Shia Community has suffered a Huge Loss ,not only by losing their loved Ones , but also losing their Shelter and Businesses , but till now the Leadership which they have entrusted and backed , has uptill now , not come up with any thing concrete steps, that may heal up the wounds of the Shia Nation and specially the victims of the Bomb Blast , who are now homeless Orphans.

In a Situation like this the Leader ship should take the nation in confidence , by sharing their future and Present strategy , instead of Hiding behind the curtains , as it raises the eye Brows of Many , who are ready to infiltirate the system and to derail the Unity Band wagon , which has been achieved by the Nation after a very Long time , and after Paying a Huge Cost.

It is a very crucial time for All the Active Players of the Leadership , whether it may be Shia Ulema Council (SUC) , Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen (MWM) , Shia Action Comitte (SAC) , Jafaria Alliance Pakistan (JAP) , Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) or other regional & City level Groups should sit together and Urgently formulate a United Policy, which can be Implemented across Pakistan Unilaterally for the safety and well being of whole of the Shia Community to fight against the Evil forces .

As with the every Passing Moment , the Political Parties which have been threatened by the Shia Unity and Strength are trying to Infiltrate and create disintegration among the shia Nation, so the formula is Sooner the Better. Rather than for Waiting for Next Disaster to come up and shaken the confidence of the Nation in the Leadership.

2nd Shia Navy Officer Attacked & Martyred by the Terrorist of SSP in Karachi

Shaheed Lr.Cmdr Azeem Haider , 3 Mar, 2013, KHIJNN 4 Mar 2013 KARACHI: In the Broad Day Light in the Early Hours of the day , in Busiest Harbour area ,A Pakistani Shia Navy Officer Lieutenant Commander Syed Azeem Haider Kazmi was attacked by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan and being treated at the PNS Shifa Hospital Karachi. It is a second such attack, targeting 2nd Shia Navy official in short span of a month . The Brave Warrior  fought for life for about 4 days in the PNS Shifa Hospital in a Critical State , but finally could not sccummb to his injuries and embraced Martyrdom on 3rd March . Continue reading

Arabian Shia’s Stages Massive Show of Strength in a Demo against Al Saud’s illegal Detentions of thousands of Shias

Arabian Shia Massive Demo against Al SaudJNN 23 Feb 2013 Riyadh : People have once again taken to streets in a Massive show of Strength in the eastern Province of Qatif , Saudi Arabia to protest against the detention of protesters. Continue reading

Finally the Burial of the Martyrs of the Kirani Road Incident Performed , With an end to the Protest Sit Ins across Pakistan

Burial of the Kirani Road Blast Shia HazaraJNN 21 Feb 2013 QUETTA: Amid protests, tears, sobs and some scuffles with enraged Protesters, the Shia Hazara community finally buried their 113 Martyrs of Kirani Road Blast in their Native Bahisht e Zehra Graveyard on Wednesday. Continue reading

Protest Sit Ins across Pakistan Continues amid assurances to the Protesters of successful Negotiations with Govt

Kirani Road Bomb Blast Protest Sit In at Hazara Town aOn the 4th day of the Protest Sit across Pakistan Majlis-e-Wehdat-e-Muslameen (MWM), Unity Council of Quetta, Shia Ulema Council, All Pakistan Shia Action Committee have called for an end to the nationwide protests and sit ins condemning the Quetta bombing on Tuesday, But the Relative of the Martyrs and the Protester denied the request as they emphasized over their demand of Handing Over the Control of Quetta to the Pakistan Army. Continue reading

Once again Atleast 65 Shia Men ,Women Martyred over 180 injured in a Bomb Blast at a Market in Quetta , Pakistan

Kirani Road Blast , Quetta , 16 Feb 2013.nQUETTA: At least 65 people were Martyred and over 180 injured in a blast on Kariani Road in Quetta on Saturday, Our Correspondent reported. The area is reported to be located in the vicinity of Hazara Town. Continue reading

Pakistani Shia Protest over Forced Deportation, UAE Ambassador summoned to the FO

Shia Men Deported from UAE Protesting agains the InjusticeJNN 15 Feb 2013 Islamabad : Pakistan has expressed concerns over “forced deportation” of Pakistani Shias from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by summoning the UAE Ambassador to the Foreign Office, Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani told Our Correspondent. Continue reading

Pakistani Shia Community Celebrated Valentine Day in GraveYards , Shia Target Killing Accelerated

Shuhuda 1 Feb - 15 Feb 2013JNN 15 Feb 2013 Karachi : The Month of February witnessed unexpected increase in the Shia Target Killing  ,as the target Killing of Shia men has accelerated , 15 Shia Men were Martyred in the First 15 Days of this February, due to which the Shia community is celebrating the Valentine Day in the Graveyards to show their love for their loved Ones. Continue reading

At least 36 Martyred nearly 100 injured in car bombings in mainly Shia areas of Iraq

Iraq Bomb Blast Kills 36 in Shiite areasJNN 9 Feb 2013 Baghdad : Car bombs struck two outdoor markets and a group of taxi vans in Shiite areas across Iraq on Friday, killing at least 36 people and wounding nearly 100 in the bloodiest day in more than two months. Continue reading

In accordance with Imam Khomeini’s Message President Ahmadinejad Warns against Evil Plots of Shia – Sunni Divide

AhmedinejadJNN 24 Jan 2013 Tehran : Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned against evil plots aimed at causing division among Shia and Sunni Muslims, stressing the importance of reinforcing unity among Muslim nations across the world. Continue reading

In accordance with Imam Khomeini's Message President Ahmadinejad Warns against Evil Plots of Shia – Sunni Divide

AhmedinejadJNN 24 Jan 2013 Tehran : Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned against evil plots aimed at causing division among Shia and Sunni Muslims, stressing the importance of reinforcing unity among Muslim nations across the world. Continue reading

Installation of New Zarih at Imam Hussain's Shrine Begins

Imam Hussain Shrine New Zarih Installation hJNN 23 Jan 2013 Karbala :  After the new windowed cage for the holy tomb of Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h) has arrived in Kerbala holy city on 14-Dec-2012, and after the Fortieth pilgrimage of Imam Hussein has been finished; the deputy Secretary-General of the Imam Hussein holy shrine Sayed Afdhal EL-Shamy has held a meeting with the committee assigned to installing the new holy windowed cage in the presence of the board of trustees of the Imam Hussein holy shrine. Continue reading

Shia Believers are forced to convert to Majority's Sect of Indonesia

Indonesian Shia Protest against the DiscriminationJNN 22 Jan 2013 Jakarta : Credible local sources have told Amnesty International that the authorities have given the villagers until March to convert to Indonesia’s majority’s Sect of Islam as Sunni Sect, if they wish to return to their homes. Continue reading

Shia Believers are forced to convert to Majority’s Sect of Indonesia

Indonesian Shia Protest against the DiscriminationJNN 22 Jan 2013 Jakarta : Credible local sources have told Amnesty International that the authorities have given the villagers until March to convert to Indonesia’s majority’s Sect of Islam as Sunni Sect, if they wish to return to their homes. Continue reading

Protest around the World Against the Shia Target Killing in Pakistan

Protest in Toronto  against Shia Target Killing in Pakistan Jan 2013 cJNN 22 Jan 2013 London : There is a World wide resentment found among the member of Shia Community over the ongoing Target Killing of Shia community members in Pakistan by the Wahabi Takfiri Groups namely Tehrik e Taliban , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , and to show their resentment and to have their Protest registered , Sit In Protest and Demonstrations were done in different cities of the world. Continue reading

Atleast 26 Shiite Pilgrims Martyred , several Injured in a wave of Bomb attacks by terrorists across Iraq

Bomb Attack on Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq Jan 2013JNN 18 Jan 2013 BAGHDAD — Insurgents unleashed a string of bomb attacks mainly targeting Shiite Muslim pilgrims across Iraq on Thursday, killing at least 26 people and extending a deadly wave of bloodshed into a second day. Continue reading

Shia Young Man Martyred by the Wahabi Group firing on a Majlis in Lucknow , India

Shaheed Shanu Funeral Prayer , 16 Jan 2013 , Lucknow , India

JNN 17 Jan 2013 Lucknow: A Shia man was Martyred and more than a dozen people were injured in an attack on a Majlis (Islamic Lecture) held at Deputy Saheb Ka Imambargah in Wazirganj when the member of the Wahabi sect attacked & fired several rounds and Pelted stones , on the unarmed peaceful attendants of the Majlis on Wednesday night, police said. Continue reading

Govt Bows down and accept the Demands of the Shia Unity Council , Protest Sit In ends across Pakistan

Groverner Rule Imposed in BalochistanJNN 14 Jan 2013 QUETTA / ISLAMABAD: Government under the Huge Pressure of the Country wide Sit In Protest of the Shia Community , Bowed Down for the imposition of governor’s rule in Balochistan, the federal government declared a state of emergency in the province late Sunday night. Continue reading

Shia Unity Show of strength across Pakistan , Quetta Sit In now enters 48th Hour, Protest Sit In’s across Pakistan

Alamdar Road Suicide Blast Sit In , 11 Jan 2013JNN 13 Jan 2013 Karachi : As the devastated Shia protesters in Quetta continued their Protest Sit In over the 86 unburied bodies of their loves ones, their grief was felt across the country as members of the Shia communities and civil society came out on the streets of various cities of Pakistan on Saturday. Shias from across the country staged protests in their respective cities on Saturday against the targeted killings of Shias in several attacks, including two blasts in Quetta on Thursday that left over a 100 dead. Continue reading

4 Bomb Blasts , 93 Martyred above 150 injured by LeJ Terrorist in Quetta , Army Still Indecisive to take action against the Terrorists

Sit in with the Shuhuda Bodies in Quetta aQUETTA: A string of bombings left at least 93 people dead and over 150 wounded in one of the bloodiest days of violence that Balochistan has seen for years.Majority of the Martyred Belonged to Shia Community . Continue reading

Al Khalifa Regime planing to change Shiite Majority Demographic by Inducting Wahabi Immigrants

Syrian Wahabi Refugees given Immigration of BahrainJNN 08 Jan 2013 Manama : Bahrain has granted citizenship to 5,000 Wahabi Syrians, a measure seen as al-Khalifa’s plan to change the demographics of the Shiite-dominated country to the benefit of the Wahabi  population.  Continue reading

Atleast 23 Killed 87 Wounded in attacks across Iraq , before the Commemoration of Arbaeen in Karbala

Iraq Bomb Blast before ArbaeenJNN 02 Jan 2012 BAGHDAD  – At least 23 people were killed and 87 wounded in attacks across Iraq on Monday, police said, underlining sectarian and ethnic divisions that threaten to further destabilize the country Several pilgrims have been killed and injured in a bomb explosion that hit Iraq’s central city of Babil, Press reports. Continue reading