Pakistani Shia Community Celebrated Valentine Day in GraveYards , Shia Target Killing Accelerated

Shuhuda 1 Feb - 15 Feb 2013JNN 15 Feb 2013 Karachi : The Month of February witnessed unexpected increase in the Shia Target Killing  ,as the target Killing of Shia men has accelerated , 15 Shia Men were Martyred in the First 15 Days of this February, due to which the Shia community is celebrating the Valentine Day in the Graveyards to show their love for their loved Ones. Continue reading

Target Killing of Shia Men claimed 6 more lives in Quetta & Gilgit , By the firing of LeJ terrorists

JNN 06 June 2012 Quetta ; In the Broad Day light On 3rd June , The Ongoing Target Killing of Shia Men claimed the lives of Haji Nabi, Mohd.Tariq,  Mohd Hassan , Hayat ullah ,  while they were on the Cement Shop on Sirki Road,Where the same terrorist of LeJ , came and sprayed Bullets on all the Men Present on the scence , due to which all the four of them embraced Martyrdom,  while another Shia Men Mohd .Ali s/o Yaqoob Ali was targeted when he reached Saryaab Road Quetta on a Coach from Karachi, he was targeted by the Terrorist of LeJ , who fired Multiple rounds on him , due to which he embraced Martyrdom. Continue reading

Shia Target Killing in Pakistan – Facts ,Causes and History

JNN 06 May 2012 Karachi : A human tragedy of inconceivable magnitude is taking across Pakistan which are being inexcusably and consciously ignored by Western media. The Protests are being organized all over the Europe , Canada , US , UK and Australia against the Shia Target Killing in Pakistan , but the Main stream Media has closed its eyes from this as they are the contributors of this Killings. Continue reading

A Huge Protest against the Shia Target Killing in Pakistan by the Muslims Of UK ,infront of Pakistani Embassy in London

JNN 14 April 2012 London : A Huge Protest was Organised by the Muslims of Great Britain, against the Target Killing of the Shia Population of Pakistan out side the Pakistani Embassy in Knightsbridge, Central London, in which hundreds of Protester have come to Participate in the Protest to condemn and Wake up the People Running the Government of Pakistan.  Continue reading