Bahraini forces Crack down on Shia Peaceful Protest rallies in Sitra

Bahraini protesters again attacked by police forcesJNN 21 June 2014 Manama : Bahraini security forces have intensified their brutal crackdown on anti-regime protesters as police clash with demonstrators holding rallies in several villages in the island of Sitra near the capital Manama.
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Bahraini Al Khalifa forces Raid Shia Protesters Houses

Bahrain Al Khalifa Forces Raid Protester HousesJNN 18 July 2013 Manama : Bahraini regime forces have attacked dozens of houses in several villages near the capital, Manama, as the crackdown on anti-regime protesters continues. Continue reading

Bahraini Al Khalifa’s Biased Court sentences 31 Protesters to 15 years in Prison

Bahraini-court-sentences-17-anti-regime-protesters-to-15-yearsJNN 7 May , 2013 Manama : A defense lawyer in Bahrain says a court has sentenced 31 protesters to 15 years in prison each for roles in firebomb attacks against security forces during an anti-government demonstration last year. Continue reading

85th Shia Martyr of the Bahrain Revolution crushed by the Brutal Saudi Backed Police Car


JNN 17 April 2012 : Another Bahraini protester embraced martyrdom in hospital after being run over by a police car during a protest rally in the Persian Gulf country, Bahrain al Wasat news reported. Continue reading